Project 365 is a small side project set out to encourage and motivate people through the use of small mantras and quotes. The idea was to do this daily with the intention to inspire others to aspire further in their own lives and journeys. The initial idea was derived from my own personal motto: 

[quote author=”” source=””]I want to innovate, be innovative and promote success through all that I do and to the people around me. I wish to spread happiness and express life through my actions.I plan to create opportunity through my visions, dreams and inspire those around me to aspire further in their own lives.[/quote]

The plan behind Project 365 came from the original intention to post a daily positive each day for 365 days. Originally this kick started back in 2014, where the blog posts were simple Facebook posts sharing a small mantra and some positive words to boost any readers day. Having successfully completed 2014 and with some lessons learned along the way, there was a new plan to redo Project 365 but on a more detailed and comprehensive level. 2015 was the year Project 365 relocated to my personal blog (clfurlong.com), in which using the same concept, a daily blog was produced and shared via social media as well as via a daily mailing list. 2016 – Project 365 was relocated to its own individual blog, which will be dedicated purely for this content. Now that we are heading into 2017 – P365 will be doing a new style for the year known as VISUALS. Same inspiration but through a new Medium.