Day #240: Constant Change Is Here To Stay – Embrace It

Life is full of change. Change which is driven by choice and change that is driven by circumstances. Controlled vs. uncontrolled.

Change: that which keeps the world moving. Without change there is nothing — there is no death, no birth, no progress. Change is that which allows for the existence of life and that which allows for the possibility of success. However, change is also that which allows for destruction and failure.

Change can be a powerful tool or your worst enemy depending on whether or not you are able to utilize it properly.

Find out what it is that you want to change, figure out what is most important to you and start with what is easiest. Use smaller victories to gain the confidence and momentum to change your life entirely. Most importantly, act. Do not fail to act and do not fail to continue acting.

You can’t always change, change. Sometimes you will know about it’s threat, but the only way o prepare for it is to accept and move forward regardless, with a work around of course.

If you stop moving, the world stops changing. Creating change is not difficult. It is not rocket-science and it is not out of your reach. You must identify, strategize, and attack. Then, you must keep on attacking until you wear down your habits into submission and create the change you are seeking. More importantly than anything else, do not lose hope and do not give up.

Without action there is only inaction — stagnancy.

Constant change is here to stay. – Unknown

Day #239: Start Today and Make It Happen

Today is the most important day of your life. Today you can make it happen. Today, like everyday is the day you make and create your future. Today is the day you can take action and turn yourself into the person you will be and the life you will have. 

Freedom begins the moment you choose to put yourself first and consciously create the life you want. – Rachel Gadiel

Ask yourself today what are your core values? How is your life defined and ruled? Do you live by the freedom of your own terms? Or are you dictated by society?

Today you have the chance to decide how you can and should spend your time and create something of your very own. 

Rachel Gadiel (another blogger) posted recently asking these questions: 

  • Are you using your time and energy in a way that aligns tight the future vision for your life?
  • Are you using it in a way that is aligned with your values?
  • Are you actually living in the present moment or are you spending it worry about what happened in the past or events in the future that haven’t even happened? (but still set your goals)
  • Are you playing small because you are doubting yourself and what you are truly capable of?
It is really easy to give up on your dream.
Resistance; procrastination; fear of failure and even fear of success ultimately prevent you from achieving what you truly want.
But that’s why I have this blog – I created it to inspire, to motivate and to encourage those around me to aspire further in their own lives.
So go on! Get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN

Day #238: Do Not Stop. Keep Going and Aspire Further and Inspire Others

Aspire a little further each day… Life seems to throw us into these moments, these puddles where we are left to decide, left to pull ourselves together and figure out what to do next. Most of us, at some point or another and maybe more than others will encounter these moments, these trials and these setbacks. Now in these moments, we tend to look for a light… for a hope. It can take us a while to start looking, usually because we are to busy sitting and moping about how miserable or tough our lives are. Eventually you find that ray of light, and you hold on to it like the idea of the grass is greener on the other-side and like the idea that a year from now everything will be better. Maybe it will be, maybe it wont be. What I can tell you is; you can have all the hope in the world… but if you wont start with being driven and actually start acting on getting to the light and making it that much brighter – you wont be going anywhere.

By the time you get to the bright light and you find your green grass – don’t stop. Keep going. Keep going as far as you possibly can go. Rise above the past, rise above the now and seek forward and venture beyond what you first expected to be enough. Rise above your expectation of a simple hope and step up to a new level. Once you have found your hope and you have made it there and you are living it – grow more. Learn more. Be more. Take what you have and make it known. Share it and make it valued to the people around you.

If you are doing the same thing over and over again – even if you are succeeding, this will simply become the normal. You need to ask yourself, where would you be growing and how would you be rising above the norm, or the basic you.

In economics, there is a fundamental principle known as the Law of Diminishing Returns.

Here’s the short definition: as you get more of something, it becomes less valuable. This isn’t just economic theory, a similar trend happens in real life.

If you have zero money and you make $10,000, then it’s going to be a big deal. But if you have already earned $1 million, then making another $10,000 doesn’t seem as significant.

If you have never won a championship, then that first one is going to be incredible. But if you already have five championship rings, then adding a sixth isn’t going to be as sweet as getting the first.

If you are starting a company, then getting your first customer is an incredible rush. But if you already have 100 paying clients, then adding one more doesn’t provide the same thrill.

So how can you go from finding your light, your hope – getting there and then taking it above and beyond. How can you stay driven? How can you stay happy?


Simple really.

Passion is the core of what inspires you everyday.

By loving the practice of what you do. It’s only the people who embrace their work as a craft and fall in love with the boredom of doing it day in and day out that stay driven over the long-term.

Richard Branson is already a billionaire. He has already built hundreds of companies. He’s not still doing it because of the money. The money stopped meaning a lot to him a long time ago. He’s doing it because he loves the practice of doing it.

Guess what? This answer is now easy. If you love the practice of what you do, if you love the daily work, then you can be happy before and after you achieve your goals.

When you learn to love the process of what you are doing and not focus so much on the goal, you automatically find happiness while staying driven.

So like I say nearly every other day. Find something you love. Even when you are a mess, in a wreck and going through a rough patch… find that love, that passion, that hope and that light. Fight for it, chase it and embrace it. Once you are there, DO NOT STOP. Keep going and go into the world and ASPIRE FURTHER and INSPIRE OTHERS.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. – Earl Nightingale

Day #237: Choose To Make Your Day More Than Just A Typical One

This is it. This is another day, typical if you make it, but it can be more if you make it that.

I choose more. I choose and want it to be more than just another typical day. The day can be anything you make it. 

An adventure, a challenge, a struggle or a grind, the day will follow your lead. Your attitude, perspective, willpower and self-control is all part of the day, but more so part of you. How you react, how you choose and how you decide is all going to indicate and dictate the next turn you will make and the next direction you will follow. 

The question to ask yourself is what will you choose. What will you decide and how will you react?

Will you make it a typical day or an extraordinary day?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Day #236: 5 Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Journal

Here’s the truth: your effectiveness at life is not what it could be. You’re missing out. Each day passes by and you have nothing to prove that it even happened. Did you do achieve something? You are missing out on hidden lessons that life teaches you, and you can only get them through journal writing.

Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself. – Robin S. Sharma

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing In A Journal:

1. Journals help you have a better connection with your values, emotions, and goals

2. Journals Improve mental clarity/help solve problems/improve overall focus

3. Journals improve insight and understanding

4. Journals track your overall development

5. Journals facilitate personal growth

Now it it’s your turn.

You can ask yourself how can journaling best be of use to you? Will it enable you to vent your emotions? To help achieve your goals? To help clear your mind? What do you think ? How about you give it a go and answer it for your self.

Here is some insight of my own journal:

I crave and long for inspiration, for ideas, for innovation, greatness, beauty and just plain old simple quality. I see the idea behind it, the very core of how it attracts, how it draws in attention. This inspiration, this idea and attraction… I seem to find and see it in the simplest of things. It drives me to chase something bigger and something greater. Not just an idea but an actual way of life. Essentially a lifestyle. A way of being, a way to inspire, motivate and encourage.

What if you could take it, create it and make into something more. Pure thought into pure action. Liquid idea’s into fluid and tangible realities. A game changer. You could make it happen and make it real. I will and I can. I will succeed.

What is all this about?

This is my inner thoughts, my night’s, my dreams, my snippets of a journal, my dreams. In short it is how I want to succeed. But more so how I want to aspire to be more. I can and I will.

What I am I really getting at?

Inspiration, dreams and aspiration are hidden within all of us. Some of it is obvious, some of it is yet to be ignited. But deep down there are desires and passions driving us. Maybe momentarily or maybe entirely – but they are there. We need to let these desires be whatever they are and let them drive your heart.

If you have something you are passionate about and that you enjoy. You should chase it. You should follow it. You should make it happen. 

Want to start a journal?

These two are excellent ways to get started:

Day #235: You Are Better Than You Think!

You Sir, You Madam, are better than you think. You have come so far, you have failed, you have succeed, you have pushed and you have grown! Each day is a battle, each day it can be hard to see the results… But each day of progress whether it is little or big has made you into something GREATER! Don’t stop today!

It’s another Monday, another chance to push and grow. The year is getting on so quickly and we have only 4 months left till we check in and see how far you we conquered this year. So don’t slow down, don’t back off and don’t give up. Push through today, smash through tomorrow and continue to kick through the goals.

Speaking of goals – make sure you have these in order, especially for the remaining 4 months. If you don’t have these identified, follow the below steps and make it happen!

  1. Get clear on what you want – what do you want from your goal.
  2. Surround yourself with positivity and support
  3. Focus your energy (physical and mentally)
  4. Visualize your dreams
  5. Stay close o your goals – review them and know them.

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ― A.A. Milne

Day #234: Stop Waiting Around For It To Be Better, Make It Better Yourself

Waiting around for the perfect time or when things are ‘better’ to get your act together is never really going to get you moving and shaking. Waiting around is pretty much just killing time. If you want to make some ripples, make a difference and succeed further than before. You need to take action. You need to make it happen.

There is nothing wrong with occasionally killing time, as long as disconnecting from reality won’t hurt you. Sometimes we just need to separate ourselves from everything around us and allow some distractions.

But putting off and continuing to make excuses to avoid taking action is a problem. I get it… it is your life and you can live it how you want. That is fine. But my point here is… you have potential, you have what it takes and you can do whatever it is want, as long as you put your hands to it. Your passions, goals, dreams and aspirations, you can make these all happen – as long as you get up and start putting some actions into motion and some decisions set in stone.

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” – Paulo Coelho

In this world, you benefit from what you create with your own two hands. Unless you make life better by yourself, chances are it won’t get better on its own. Even if a miracle is to occur – most of the time you need to act on asking the big man upstairs!

Everybody wants advice but nobody wants to do the work. If you cut the time you spend deliberating in half and spent that time actively pursuing what you want, how much farther ahead do you think you’d be? Answer honestly but don’t agonize over it.

Your challenge, should you accept it: Less thinking, more doing.

Day #233: 11 Points Of Advice For Those Aspiring For More

Are you aspiring for more? All those people you see walking down the street, or on the front of a trendy magazine or a lifestyle commercial. They didn’t just get to where they are because they were extra special or it was handed to them on a silver platter. They got there through pure action, hard work and time.

What’s that? You want to make it to the same spot or above and beyond… You want to aspire more and continue aspiring?

Well I am glad you asked – here are 11 top tips of advice that if utilized correctly, they can steer you in the right direction:

1. Get Over Your Fears

The more you face your fears, the stronger you will be. Embrace one today!

2. Give Yourself Challenges

Learn something new everyday. Even the little things you learn can be extremely valuable. Write down what you learn.

3. Love what You Do

Steve Jobs says that if you don’t truly believe in what you are doing, you are never going to be completely satisfied in your life. Do what you love and you will love what you do.

4. Plan Your Financing

Know your expenses, abide by a budget, plan to save, set saving goals, identify your priorities, diversify your savings, automate transfers and then watch your savings grow. Let your money work for you.

5. Be Willing to Take Risks

You never know if something is going to work unless you try. If it doesn’t work, learn from it and try something else.

6. Know what You Want

The clearer your vision is, the better able you will be to see it and see what you have to do to make it happen. Embrace your vision and follow your dreams.

7. Listen to Complaints

Bill Gates has said that your “most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” They can teach you what you are doing wrong and help you to succeed. This is the same for feedback/constructive criticism.

8. Learn from Your Mistakes

Your mistakes are your best teacher, as long as you are learning from your mistakes. Identify you have made one, reflect on it, then apply a plan to move forward. But this time you will be smarter.

9. Take Action

If you don’t do anything with your ideas, you aren’t going to be as successful as you want to be. Walt Disney said that the “easiest way to get started is to quit talking and start doing”. Don’t be an all talk and no action kind of person…

10. Put In Your Time

You need to work hard, and put in a lot of hours to be successful. Steve Jobs once said, “If you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time”. The more time you spend working on your success, the quicker it will happen. 

11. Set Goals

Remind yourself every day about your goals, and each time you do so, jot down a way that you can reach those goals. As you progress, mark out your milestones. Once you accomplish a goal, give yourself a pat on the back and move on to the next one.

This is all great… but as Guy Kawasaki said  

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” – Guy Kawasaki

Day #232: Why An Upbeat Routine Will Uplift Your Day

Having been out of my usual routine for last month, (was sick) getting back into the swing of things at first was a challenge. However now that I am back into routine, it is putting my life and day back on track and at an intense enough speed to keep me on my toes. 

Routine by nature makes you more productive and effective. Instead of running around with a vague idea of what you want to accomplish, the right lifestyle routine can turn you into a productivity monster and someone who will keep on keeping on. Like an attitude, how you set your routine will have a ripple effect across your life and day. An active, productive and well paced routine; will keep you inspired to grow, it will challenge you and keep you moving. A lazy routine may create a slow, unhealthy and inactive lifestyle, which in the long run inspires unhealthy habits.

Here is a list of 5 points of why routine is important and key to uplifting your day:

Routines Create Structure

Most people either don’t know what they want or don’t have a focused way of going about getting what they want. Having a routine eliminates both of those problems by forcing you to do a few things:

  1. Know what you want.
  2. Figure out how to get it.
  3. Add that activity somewhere in your schedule.

Once you have those three steps in place, you’re farther ahead than 90% of people flitting around from task to task with no real outcome or goal in mind.

Routines Eliminate Distraction

With a routine, you have a game plan. Set it up, get stuck into it and if you have formulated it correctly you will be following your routine seamlessly, so much – you will adapt to it like a passion. Your time will fly. But any good routine requires your diligence and self-control to complete the task at hand.

You Don’t Have To Think About Work – You Just Have To Work

The best benefit to creating routines is that you don’t have to think about work – you just work. I think the number one productivity hack in the world is simply deciding what to do.

By creating a routine and having exactly what you want to accomplish laid out, you take the guess-work out of “what” to do and can focus on just doing it. You’re no longer thinking about all the work that you have to and how you’re going to do it – you can simply go ahead and get it done.

You Can Find Your Rhythm

Ever been in “the zone?” That place where everything is easy, you zoom through work, and obstacles seem to scatter out-of-the-way?

Chances are there were a certain set of circumstances and surroundings that allowed for that to happen and helped you perform optimally. A routine lets you take those circumstances and creates a scenario where they happen regularly and predictably – making “the zone” that much easier to find.

This makes finding that zone more likely to happen more often, and when it does happen, lets you perform better – being more efficient and more effective across the board.

A System For Your Life

If you think about it, a routine is nothing more than a system for your life. Just like programmers create a certain program that will execute a function whenever it runs – a routine creates an environment and structure to your life that lets you execute certain tasks at will.

Meanwhile, implementing them seemingly melts any obstacle in the way, since you’ve created a routine that eliminates the distractions in your day and lets you focus on only the tasks at hand that you must do.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” ― John C. Maxwell

***Inspired by

Day #231: Questions To Ask Yourself To Challenge Your Journey

Growth comes through defeating a challenge. The real challenge is whether the challenge is self-imposed or driven externally.
Steve Jobs, whom most of us know for his work and passion of making Apple what it is today. Everyday he looked in the mirror and asked himself one question: “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to be doing what you’re doing?” Most of the time, his answer came back as a resounding yes, but for the average person, it probably varies. So passionate about his work, Jobs worked right up until the day before his death, despite suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Today I wish to challenge your thinking, your dreams and drive by asking you to start asking yourself questions each day to help you discover whether or not you’re fulfilling your full potential and working in the careers we love.

Here are 6 questions that Steve Jobs’s daily exercise can challenge us to ask ourselves:

1. Does your work make you smile?

Smiling at work reminds you that you’re doing something, however small, in your daily routine that you find fulfilling.

2. How tired do you feel at the end of the day?

Going to bed with the feeling that you’ve accomplished something means two things: that you’re using your talents in a way that you find fulfilling and that you’re contributing productively to the world around you.

3. Is your work rewarded?

Working in an environment where you feel valued not only contributes to your professional success, but helps you to avoid bringing bad vibes into your home and squandering your “downtime” with thoughts about overwork or office politics.

4. Do you have any regrets?

Sometimes you’ll succeed, sometimes you won’t, but it’s far better to try to fail than to spend your life wondering whether or not you would have succeeded.

5. Does your work consume your life?

Find ways to fill your life with variety to give yourself a reason to face each day with something to get excited about.

6. Do you feel stimulated?

Nothing compares with the satisfaction of setting yourself a task and completing it.

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?” – Steve Jobs