Day #282: Improvise – Adapt Your Journey To Success

Key number 2 to start living your dream… You need to be ready to adjust, adapt and improvise.

It is a big wide world out there – and in the current state of an ever evolving reality (environment, culture, society, and technology) you need to be willing and ready to stretch and flow with how the things change. It is all about adapting your journey to success.

Building on that previous point is (yesterday’s blog: Day #281: You Don’t Need The Biggest Plan For Success) the notion that you have to know how to improvise. This goes far beyond being “up for whatever;” it means that you also have to know when to use caution when deciding a new course of action. Being able to improvise will help you find your way into exciting new situations that can advance your career or your journey to making your dreams a reality and give you great stories for the years to come.

Being able to improvise is an incredible tool to have, but it can be hard to learn. But when you learn to apply it and use it on a regular basis then you can rest easy with the confidence that no matter what you should be able to handle the struggles of day-to-day life in whatever dream you want to live. No one said this would be easy, and a key point is that you need to be flexible and ready to take life as it comes if you want to get anywhere.

I’ve always got a goal/dream or a bit of a plan in the sense of where I wish to aim for within a certain amount of years or where or what I want to do. However, getting to these points in life and getting to these goals and dreams will sometimes differ than the way I thought it would happen – due to unforeseen circumstances. However, if you are passionate and set on your dreams you will make it happen by being able to improvise.

Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win. – Max McKeown