Day #023: Just How Far…

Running isn’t about how far you go but how far you’ve come. I’m always moving forward, looking for the next challenge.” — Bart Yasso

I think we can all agree that we can get so tied up and stuck thinking of what could have been, or where we might have been if we did things differently, that we forget to reflect and actually identify how far we have actually come.

Just take a moment and really think about this? Seriously! STOP what you are doing and just think how far you have come?

Think about all the things that are new in your life. Take a moment to look back over the last few years and identify 3 things for each year which has changed in your life or opened new doors. Think hard and see how many things you can identify to resemble just how far you have come.

In the last few years what have you conquered? Don’t try to find something over the top but keep it simple. Such as:

  • Completing University
  • Starting a new job
  • A promotion
  • Losing weight
  • Started running

What are some things in your life which you have completed? It could be as simple as finishing a 5km run. Identify these and think about what it took to actually complete these chapters in your life. Actually looking back and seeing the growth in the little things, actually reflect the greatness in side you. 

Where you go is all part of the journey of how far you’ve already come. Each day and each step is another chance and moment in your journey. Reflecting on the growth you have achieved, will enlighten you for the present and encourage you to keep growing as you progress forward.