Day #025: You Can And You Will

You won’t know you can do it, until you have done it. – Chris Furlong

We all have problems when it comes to giving ourselves credit when due. Humble it may be, but we also hide in a shell, becoming abssent of being confident in ourselves, and we lack the faith to believe that we can do it and do it well.

I have news for you!

You are only as good as you say you are. So what exactly are you speaking over your life?

What are you challenging yourself with? Is it a New Years Resolution? Personal goals? Chasing a bigger dream? 

Regardless, if you are saying each day that you are not good enough or that you cannot do it – how will you ever be? How can you expect to be GOOD enough. We set the temperature of our expectations and our days ahead. So expect GREATNESS and present a POSITIVE attitude. 

There are PLENTY of reasons why you are good enough and you should be saying “I can and I will”.

1. You are smart, resourceful and brilliant.
2. You help anyone that needs you without a second thought.
3. You care about being a good person and living an honest life.
4. You are a kind, compassionate and grateful person.
5. You honor your core values and what’s important to you.
6. You invest in yourself and your own growth and development.
7. You have great hopes for your own future.
8. You are a responsible stand-up citizen of this world and of your country.
9. You are setting a great example for others in everything you do.
10. You believe in the goodness of humanity and have a pure heart.
11. You believe in the beauty of your dreams and plan to pursue them.
12. You have already taken the first step to pursue your dreams.
13. You bring useful and important ideas to life.
14. You put your knowledge and information to good use every day.
15. You affect the lives of those around you even if it seems like in small ways to you.
16. You don’t give up even if things go wrong and life beats you down.
17. You have a creative genius and you let yourself tap into it.
18. You take steps every day towards creating the life of your dreams.
19. You correct your mistakes without shame.
20. You look your fear in the face and don’t let it stop you.
21. You improve yourself with constructive feedback from caring outsiders.
22. You are humble and learn from life’s lesson and let it make you better.
23. You are stronger and harder to break than you think.
24. You are surrounded by friends and family that care about you.
25. You are more generous than you realize.
26. You have worked hard in your life and earned your success.
27. You have not let life’s scars make you cynical or bitter.
28. You have a caring gentle soul and are a gift to so many around you.
29. You are an important asset to your community and your work.
30. You are building a life that will leave a beautiful legacy behind.
31. You are a much better person and the world is a better place because of you.

 Your goal today is to say:

  “I Can And I Will”

Now take this and set your eyes on the end game. Set your eyes on your goals and you get out there and make it happen. You know why? Because you can! But will you? Are you willing?

I believe you can, as you are more capable then you would know (as noted above)… but only you can chose if you will!