Day #033: Dream More. Doubt Less.

I choose dreams.

When it comes to seeking out our dreams and actually reaching our end game and actuating them, doubt has a tendency to overwhelm our minds and belittle our chances at creating our dreams into a reality. Doubt itself supersedes failure, as doubt limits your ability to even try in the first place… essentially failing to even start. At least with failure, you can bounce back with your lessons learned. 

Let me remind you that if we can bounce back from the many failures we have and will encounter, then we shouldn’t have a problem defeating doubt. 

But why does it always seem harder to defeat doubt then failure? 

The reason why is because there is a psychological component in which when we doubt, we actually believe it and that’s the reaction our brain takes… In other words, thinking becomes a substitute for doing. Meaning – when we actually go to do it, the brain has already made the decision that we cannot or we wont – so we lose any drive, motivation or focus on that particular action. So the doubt literally overwhelms our ability to step out and create or be something more than before. Funnily enough, doubt kills any belief in ourselves, but it is the doubt that make’s us believe we can’t achieve. 

Stop doubting your potential. Just start your dream and if you fail, you can always bounce back harder.

As you proceed to tread your path and kick your goals, obstacles will appear. The best thing about obstacles are they are designed to be conquered and to be overcome. As you learn to defeat more and more obstacles you will increase your:

  • Confidence
  • Skills
  • Maturity in wisdom.

You just need to make sure you don’t doubt your ability to actually do it, let alone attempt. 

Ask yourself: What are your dreams?  What are you doubting? What are you doing about both?
What you put in is what you get out. The limit you place over yourself will be the limitation holding you back. Break free, step out of the box and be limitless! Chase your dream and actualize a greater you!