Day #037: Positive Peer Pressure

A recent term thrown my way has been “positive peer pressure”.

Now in essence, peer pressure, this is something we have or will all experience.

Usually it makes us feel uncomfortable, and pushes us into being something we are not, or doing something we wouldn’t do.

With this in mind, the concept of positive peer pressure raises the point that, what if we could turn the negative view and idea that peer pressure presents, and create something that will influence and inspire others for the better. Further to this… What if I told you we already have this new concept of creating peer pressure into something positive and it is already in motion?

The answer?

You are the answer. You are the one that is creating positive peer pressure.

Well at least you should be.

Everyday we have a chance to set an attitude and a tone for the day. How we then leverage and display this can be simple and kept ourselves. Or, we can share our new-found glory and excitement for the day with others.

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody – Unknown

How can we share this excitement, this positive peer pressure with others? Here are 3 ways, that are quick and easy and will help you “peer pressure” others into happiness and a positive day.

1. Smile (give it a go now if you’re not already) 

SMILE.png (666×356)

2. Laughter (do it more)

Laugh.png (586×219)

3. Encouraging Others (Uplift – do you even?)

Encouraging, uplifting, affirming and helping others; whether it be through physical help, words of wisdom, or listening. When you take the time to uplift others, people react in new ways and will start to see new perspectives themselves. It is life changing!

So what are you doing to make a positive impact to somebody else’s life?