Day #044: Get Up And Go

We all have the times that things won’t and don’t go as planned.

We will have set backs, delays and hurdles to conquer, but this doesn’t mean it is the end.

All these should be seen as opportunities.

Opportunities to reach out and discover new ways of doing and approaching the very things we do each day, and the things we are learning to conquer.

When you fail – don’t lay on the ground waiting to be picked up.

Pick yourself up and get back to it. Get back to it better than you were before.

Come back with an attitude, determined to be better.

You can either be setback or you can use it as a launching pad into something more. Something great. Something greater.

When you struggle with trying to capture the results you are looking for, the best approach is to identify that you have hit a point requiring a change.

Accepting defeat and realizing the battle is lost, is OK… only if you accept that you need to make come back and fight and push harder.

This will be a step closer to becoming a greater you.

Let me remind you:

You may never be the best. But you can always be your best. – Chris Furlong

We can’t learn and grow without mistakes. It is as simple as that.

A bird learns to fly after falling a million times — but it never gives up.

If you fail once this does not mean you will fail every time.

It’s the best way to explore your abilities and learn to make the most of the viable opportunities.