Day #090: Creative Exploring


When you are trying to figure out what it is you like to be, be creative and go full force into exploring life, questions will always help jolt your thinking.

Below I have collated the top 8 questions that reignite your thinking to figuring out what you want to do with your life.

  1. What did you dream of becoming when you were a child?
  2. Where do you spend your free time?
  3. Listen to your mind wander – What does it really wish it could be doing?
  4. What is an activity you do that makes you feel so happy, that when you do it, the time flies by?
  5. What type of activities, events, shows, books, media and even people are you attracted to?
  6. Letting go of the past – if you let go of any limitations you have placed upon yourself, what would you do?
  7. What does success really mean to you? Define your perfect life…
  8. You can have any exact amount of money for the rest of your life. How much would you take and how would you use it?

So from the above – have you found yourself closer to identifying what it is you want to do?

Get creative with the above. There is no right or wrong answer, there is just your answer. 

With this, all in mind keep in mind your goals.

Goals are one of the most important parts of any journey, they set the tone for your mission.
Goals provide clarity when times get tough. They reinforce why you are doing, whatever it is you are choosing to do.
Setting goals and visiting them often will keep you motivated.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @s.dem_  | Location: Melbourne, Australia

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Like 2016, 2017 brings new horizons and new opportunities. How we react and take action on these opportunities will ultimately redefine how 2017 will be. What will you do?