Day #118: What Do You Value?


What’s important to you? Your morning coffee? Making time to walk your dog? Getting that assignment to your boss on time? Going for a run? We value different things and with value comes different priorities. 

Your values are a testament to your true self because they are what matter most to you when it comes to personal and professional life.

Your values influence that little voice in your head that tells you whether or not to care about something, and how you should prioritize your time. To sum it up, values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work.

In most cases, these values are instilled in you from childhood. Whether they be from a cultural perspective, learned through watching your family and their passions. However now in adulthood, you start to realize you’re passionate about some of the same things or you value similar things.

It’s not a bad thing to share core values with those around you, but it can be detrimental to live a life that doesn’t honor those values.

Remember: Your values should aid in creating your best life, and your most authentic self. You make the rules (within reason). Be patient with yourself and dedicate the time to discovering your core values. You’ll be amazed at the things you can accomplish. These can change and reprioritize over time and through experience, so be willing to adapt, but do not change your core for someone or something else. 

Remain you. 

Photo Credit: Instagram: @michwai | Location: Tokyo, Japan

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