Day #122: You & Yourself

You were born to conquer the world. Born to change the world. Born for greatness and born to make a difference. You can’t always change the “what” you have to do, but you can always change the “why” or “how.” If you change your “why” or change your “how”, you can find your motivation, even for tasks you don’t normally want to do. The fastest thing you can change in any situation is you.

You can’t change somebody else, but you can change yourself in an instant. Even if you want to change somebody else, or to change the situation, your fastest path to change is to change yourself, whether that means how you see things or how you show up or how you choose to do things.

You are an inspiration.

It doesn’t matter what others are doing. It matters what YOU are doing. – Unknown

Sometimes we take ourselves for granted. We discredit our own accomplishments because “it was too easy” or you simply already did that and are now focused on a bigger goal. It happens. We always take for granted what we have when we are caught up in our day-to-day lives. But remember, while you are busy looking up at your next goal, someone else is looking up to you for something you have already accomplished. If you don’t think you are an inspiration, you are dead wrong.

Once you learn to break mindsets, you will unlock new levels of motivation and new levels of growth. A perfect example is exercise and pushing yourself to new limits! Even when it is tough, when it has been a long day, don’t make excuses. Just get out there, and just smash it!! You wont regret it!

Now remember so many times you have failed and so many times you have been frustrated at not making it to the next level, to the next chapter or the next goal! But that is just it… Your dream does not have an expiration date! It’s time to get back up, take a deep breath and get back out there!