Day #129: It’s A Special Day

Today is a special day! Today is the day we acknowledge just how AMAZING our Mum’s are! I would like to give a shout-out to my mum! Thank you for everything. Lots of love!!!

Motherhood is tough 24 hour job with no pay, no day’s off and resignation is impossible. – Unknown

Here are 17 things you should tell your Mum:

1. You Created a Human Being
Do you get how huge that is? You completed one of the most sacred and important tasks there is.

2. You Are a Good Mum
First things first, you ARE a good mum. Even when things are hard, remember that you’ve got this!

3. You Rock It Without Sleep
The Sleep Foundation recommends that adults (26-64 years) sleep 7-9 hours a night. Yet Mum’s seem to still rock it with less than this.

4. Your Friends and Family Have Never Appreciated You More
No one compares to the support and love of friends and family. These are the people you are always offering a supportive hand or listening ear.

5. You Don’t Have to Listen to Every Opinion
Know that even if opinions are given with the best of intentions, you don’t have to listen to them all. You’re navigating this motherhood thing instinctually, and with the advice of a few well-selected advisors.

6. You’ll Never Stop Worrying
You know the feeling you experienced right after the intense joy of delivering your baby? That feeling was worry and it’s never going away. Just learn to embrace and manage the worry and you’ll do just fine. You already are!

7. You Won’t Ruin Your Child’s Life
Making parenting mistakes is normal and expected. Stop stressing about being the perfect mother and remember that you’re doing your best.

8. Your Mummy Instincts Are Right on Track
Congrats mum, your instincts are right on point. You can read your kids like a book!

9. You Care More Than Anyone
That says it all.

10. You Are Allowed to Feel Overwhelmed
It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Plus with everything you put up and with and do… I don’t blame you.

11. You Deserve a Break
You do a lot all day and all night long. You are always working hard, and for that reason, you deserve a break.

12. You Can’t Protect Them From Everything
Life is meant to be experienced and it’s impossible to protect your children from every form of adversity they are sure to face during their lives. But keep telling them otherwise.

13. You Are Powerful
The husband may be the head of the home, but the mum is the neck and she can turn it any way she wants to. You couldn’t do that if you weren’t a super hero. Even when you feel weak, know that you are as strong as it gets.

14. You Should Be Insanely Proud
You made a human being. One day that very someone may be someone who saves people’s lives or rules a nation. You never know…and you know what? It all started with you. If it wasn’t for you, your little baby wouldn’t be on this Earth right now. Good job mama!

15. You Are Doing Great
Sometimes you might feel like giving up on this whole motherhood thing. Don’t worry – all mums feel like this at one point or another. Just know that you’re giving your children love, a safe and happy home, and a caring family, and that’s more than enough.

16. Your Child Loves You
You know that almost unbearable love you feel for your child? You child loves you just as much. Loves you even when you ran the bath a little too cold, loves you even when you’re frustrated. So never worry about whether or not your children love you.

17. You’ll Figure it All Out
You might not get all of your parenting questions answered until the day before your last child leaves home, but you will get it all figured out. Parenting is a long and winding road with plenty of ridiculous twists and turns. And if you ask any mum, she’ll tell you it’s the only ride worth all the trouble.

Thanks Mummy!