Day #143: The Daily Steps

When you have a goal in sight it isn’t about putting in the effort so that people can see, but it is about being consistent and making the right choices that will add up in the end to the result you were looking for. Daily steps towards you goal will add up in the end.
You may have told someone what you are doing, or maybe you didn’t. Regardless, the daily grind and the daily struggle is to then continue on with a daily practice of ensuring you are making the small choices that will add up in the end. People may not even notice the hard work and efforts, however the time will come and when it does – you will want to be ready for it. This blog is NOT dedicated to the success of washboard abs, but more to the value and impact of daily progress and making the small (sometimes tough) decisions for the long-term.

It’s all about accepting the short-term pain, in order to progress on for long-term gain.

But I guess aside from all this – is the biggest factor of all. Your mind. You.

If don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect to have the sheer willpower to push yourself to the limits required to break your stubborn mindsets.

I have said this before regarding the overall impact of no zero days. Applying this technique enables you to increase yore ability to grow and become the superstar you are meant to be. I would expect from this you will take the pledge to yourself.


I have personally found that keeping your goals to yourself, you are more likely to make it to the end. I also found that doing something which is inspiring, encouraging or actually partaking in your goal/passion DAILY will increase and compound your chances of success daily.

So how will you reach for your next goal? Will you apply integrity and surprise people over time? Or will you take a plunge and hit the ground running maintaining a consistent routine?

The option is yours.