Day #150: Great Lessons

If it is one thing I have learned this year, it has been to thrive in the moments of stress, drama and when things get sticky. This is where lessons are learned. Not saying that’s all I do, nor do I want to be. However, each and every one of us are to encounter moments each day, weeks, months or years, which will turn our lives upside down, or send us running around trying to pull together the pieces to ensure we still have a sense of sanity let alone the ability to control and believe in what we are doing.

Like many I can use work as an example. I personally love my work. Yes it can be on the borderline of what people would call “corporate slavery” however, we all have a choice and I choose to do what I do for the challenge, the opportunity and of course to learn.

With this is mind, every day I am put to the test, to really flesh out and identify just how good my skills are. Lessons are learned and many lessons are also taught to others. But the whole point is to ensure we are growing. Growth is about taking your current state and making it more than what it was before.

There are often great lessons to be learned at the roots of stress, drama, and heartache. Don’t let the magnitude of the circumstance blind you to the value of the lesson. – Steve Maraboli

My challenge to you is: 

Find and identify what challenges you.

Find what makes you need to grow and take it on. Use it as a bouncing board to something more.

Be a little scared, but don’t be consumed by fear. Conquer the mind and you will conquer the task at hand.