Day #158: You Have To Do It – Keep Consistent

Remaining and keeping consistent is key in any race to becoming a better and stronger you. This year every time I go for a run I made a challenge to myself to do a 5 km run. Depending on my location, this could vary between indoors and outdoors, but whatever the case I aim to clock in  a minimum of four 5km runs in a week. 

Each run is unique. Sometimes after no prior exercise within the week, I go into the run with a 100% intention  to run and hit my 5 km mark. Sun, Rain, Day or Night I go for it, I push for it and I aim to conquer it each time.

Surprisingly, you will be amazed by the capability our minds and bodies have. Even after a long week, hard work and less sleep than normal, I still manage to make a mark on my running. I have been running for a 2 years and a half now, usually between 15 km to 30 km a week and from this I believe I have built a tolerance and consistent routine which has enabled my body to withstand this.

However, even when you are out of it for a week, having an inactive weeks, I always get nervous of what my runs would bring, thinking to myself that this could be quite the challenge and it is going to put some pressure on my mind and body. Like when you hit yourself with a hammer while nailing, the next time you go to hit, your hesitate as your body knows… there wail be pain. With almost 100% certainty, when I get out there it really is the opposite. Out of no where I manage to find all this energy, like adrenaline and I am able to just keep going, with no pain, no worry and no doubt!

Finally it hit me.

Before I even started to run, I was maybe second guessing the possibility of what I would achieve. When really my body wanted something more. When I am inconsistent and break my normal routine, my body becomes deprived of running, so when my body finally got another taste for it, it gets a rush. Which leads me to my further point. When you are training your mind to follow a habit, routine or to build consistency, actually keeping the consistency, regardless of the outcome is what will help you in the long run.

Let me remind you – spending a little but key time each day consistently over a long period of time, enables you to build a strong base slow and steady, but in the end it will surely enable you to win the race. 

Clearly it has for me, as out of know where, my body has clicked and said, ‘Let’s do this’.

Now this doesn’t only apply for exercise or running, it applies for anything and everything you are working for. If you blog like me, if you draw or create art, or whatever it may be. If you make a commitment to yourself, to your body and mind, you need to keep that promise and prove to yourself and convince your willpower that you have what it takes.

So next time:

  • When you don’t feel like doing it, this is the time you need to do it!
  • When you think you cannot do it, give it a go anyway!
  • When you have less time to do it, make time to do it later, or do a smaller effort of it, but regardless just do it!
  • When you feel too tired, do it anyway!
  • When you are scared, give it a go anyway!
  • When the weather or another object is prohibiting you to, then find a work around!
  • When you find there are excuses, don’t accept them and still do it!

Keep on keeping on!

Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve. – Mary Kay Ash