Day #168: Action Equals Energy

As a follow on to yesterday’s enthusiasm, today will continue on with 8 things which will promote energy and an energetic lifestyle. All you need to do is, do it everyday…
Just as the world continues to turn, a new day brings endless opportunities. A new day generates renewed energy and hope  so choose how you will respond to the days events by welcoming each new day with optimism. It is vital to acknowledge the mess in your life no matter what form it takes and then embrace change.

These are short and to the point, however it is suggested you take these points and think about them, dig deeper into them and adapt them to how they can be applied to your life.

Hoping drains your energy. Action creates energy. – Robert Kiyosaki

Energetic people…

1. Do meaningful work

They love what they do for a living. And, when you love what you do for a living, you simply have more energy. So, if you hate your job, now might be a good time to try to fix that.

2. Get enough Zzz’s

The most energetic people in the world sustain their levels of intensity by getting at least 7-to-8 hours of sleep every single night. I think this is debatable, as it will work different for everyone.

3. Take specific rest and renewal

Elite athletes take a psychological break by “going somewhere else mentally.” What do you do? A tennis player, for example, might walk away after a set, playing with the strings on his tennis racket, while his opponent uses those few crucial seconds to stress out about what to do next.

4. Do what it takes to stay fully charged

Tom Rath said, there are three keys to energizing your work and life:

1. Energy (Eat well and sleep enough.)
2. Interactions (Surround yourself with the right people.)
3. Meaning (Do meaningful work that gives you a sense of purpose by focusing on how it benefits other people rather than just yourself.)

5. Eat well

They have a proportional amount of fiber, protein and essential fatty acids to keep them energized and focused to dominate their day. What are you having?

6. Exercise regularly 

One of the reasons exercise increases your energy is because it boosts your metabolism and gets your blood pumping and flowing through your body.

It even helps with cognitive function.

7. Practice mindfulness

Take the time to think about what you are doing…
– Stop
– Take a deep breath
– Observe the situation
– Proceed appropriately

8. Always learning

They listen to audiobooks. They take courses. Energetic people are curious people, and they’re constantly on the lookout for new and interesting learning opportunities. They have a voracious appetite for learning.