Day #190: 11 Reasons To Adapt An Early Bird Mentality

Waking up early wasn’t always one of my most valued daily dos!. It was once a dread, a scare and even a bother. The ability to sleep in without a worry always sounded great and did feel just that at times. But if you do this as a constant lifestyle, I guarantee you, you will find yourself becoming less and less distant to structure, responsibility and a sense of ownership…

Rise up, start fresh see the bright opportunity in each day – Unknown

If you enjoy hitting the snooze button for more shuteye, you might want to reconsider and learn the 11 reasons why the early bird catches the worm in the business world.

1. Limited Distractions

In the early hours of the morning, it’s a whole new world. Fewer people around, cooler environments and even faster travel times. Most of all there are fewer distractions. You can own the morning by planning it your way which will lead to some of your most productive work. Works for me.

2. Strategic Planning

With limited distractions, you have the perfect time to catch up on all your daily do’s, your tasks and plan your day ahead. The quietness during the early morning will give you time to even plan for the long-term future. Monday can be used to set the week, even setting aside a few extra 30 minutes a morning, can enable you to work on things for the future. A new business, some self-education, personal admin tasks and so on…

3. Offensive over Defensive

Waking early and starting early will naturally enable you for the day for the better. Having an early start to the day will make you feel less overwhelmed to start the day. You’ll feel fantastic about the work you got out-of-the-way by 9 am, which will lead to a more productive day. You will enter in to the day owning it, like you have just conquered the first battle of the day!

4. Creativity

Use the morning time and a productive mindset to enable you to focus and work on those creative projects you have. Whether this is a side gig you are running or maybe you like to do some early painting of the sunrise. Whatever it is, dedicating 30 minutes of time each morning to imaginative ideas can lead to some of your best project suggestions. The morning is where your imagination will prosper.

5. A Competitive Edge

Getting to the office before your peers will show the dedication and commitment you have to your line of work. As you know the early bird gets the worm. You may have never enjoyed the early mornings, but you will soon start to enjoy the vibe it brings. Own the passion!

6. Don’t Miss Out

With an early start, you should be able to head home earlier too, leaving more time for the things you enjoy. You will even have more time with friends and family. You won’t feel like you are missing a beat by getting to the office before sunrise, not leaving before sunset.

7. Avoid Traffic

Commuting to work will be quicker and sometimes even cheaper. Giving you more time and more dollars… Brings a whole new meaning to time is money.

8. Better Response

By getting your message out and having it on the top of the inbox pile in the morning instead of the bottom in the afternoon will lead to more people getting back to you.

9. Work It Out

Hitting up the gym before work will make you feel more upbeat during business hours and lead to a healthier overall lifestyle. This all depends on your work as well as your costs. But working out will get the blood pumping for the day ahead. You may not even need to do this to have you jumping out of bed, but it won’t do you no harm.

10. Quiet Time

You’ll come to appreciate the one to two hours in your office when it is peaceful and quiet before the rest of the workforce arrives. Oh the productivity!

11. Set Schedule

Waking up early requires discipline, especially when it comes to the time you go to bed the night before. By getting at least eight hours of sleep per night and going to sleep earlier, you’ll feel more refreshed in the morning while maintaining a consistent sleep routine.

I challenge you tomorrow to change your alarm clock earlier and you’ll notice the difference in your productivity at work or even the day! Do it for a week!