Day #194: Success Is Just Another 10 Seconds Away

Success is usually placed on a pedestal high in our minds, like we would only dream of being there.

That isn’t success, that is your perception of what you think success is, Let me tell you something, which I hope doesn’t surprise you too much; Success happens everyday. Everyday you are a success. When you get out of bed, when you do what you do and achieve it to the desire you had planned it to be or greater. That is success.

But I get it, you want to be ‘all that’. Unfortunately, by nature we always want to be on the other side of the fence where the grass is greener. Well what if I told you that you can be. What if I told you that you too can do amazing things and see, feel and experience all that you think success is.

Aside from me already telling you that you are a SUCCESS…I think what you are looking for is your own stash of diamonds, or whatever your equivalent may be.

Recently I have been inspired by a simple yet almost genius mentality, known as the 10-second rule. The idea is that you can withstand 10 seconds of anything — just count to 10, and then restart again. It’s like a calming deep breath. To put it into perspective, running is a perfect example where this can be used, or at gym. When you are wanting to push to that extra 1 km, start counting to 10, having now accomplished that, do another 10 seconds.

But this can be applied to anything, but also if we take a step back and use this same mentality with everything in life, (maybe not using 10 seconds), but giving everything we are doing an extra shot of juice. Pushing through and challenging ourselves to go a little further. As one day, you may only need that extra 10 seconds to find that stash of diamonds, or finally achieve the result you have been working on for so long.

 “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” — Billie Jean King