Day #198: 10 Things Worth More Than Your Money

Money helps the world spin madly on and unfortunately it also helps people spin madly on. Money can consume who we are and blind us from reality. Today I bring to you 10 things more important and more valuable than money. These are in no particular order…

Don’t count every hour in the day. Make every hour in the day count!” ~ Mark Amend

Time with your family

Money can always be made, but time, it will only ever be lost and consumed. You can never gain time, only spend it wisely. Family is important. If you were to charge yourself for the time you have spent with your family in comparison to the time spent away – how rich do you think you would be. Do the math… Lets say you spend 3 to 4 hours a night per week. That is 28 hours a week and at a low entry rate of $20, that’s only $560 a week. Is your family this cheap? Or should they be worth more than this?

Writing down your ideas

Ideas will always grow as you grow. Your knowledge and wisdom through trial and error will help you derive new ideas and ways of doing things. Write these down, as this rich source of information is your mind working at it’s best. If you don’t, then one day you will come back looking for it and will have lost what potentially could be the next world shaking idea.


Your favorite moment – you cannot take it with you but it will always be in your mind. Yes money can go with you, but money once again is consumed by the monster of society.  Plus you can never buy happiness, it is found in the moments by you.


Like a boomerang, as you give you will be blessed. As you throw it out it will go around and touch everyone. As it comes back to you and as you catch it, it will feel fun. Fun will always be better than money!


Laughing will always make you happier and even healthier. You will live longer. You cannot buy laughter, but you can find it the places you would least expect and it will never let you down.


We all dream of doing something important, but it will take persistence to achieve it. This lets you share ideas and persistence also gets people excited about ideas, and will surely get you paid for them too.

Ideas for other people

Aspire further in your own life to help aspire others further in their own lives. Here is an idea. Come up with “10 Ideas to make (Insert Name) Better”. This could be a person or a business. Send this list out and do it for 50 people/businesses. Maybe only 1 will respond, but that is all it takes for something great to start,

Your DNA / Legacy

What type of legacy are you leaving? Money will disappear over time, it may also increase. But who you are, your essence and passion, your ideas. These shared moments can live on forever.

Physical health

Health should always be more important than money. As if you are not able to operate, then it will make it hard to make money, let alone spend it. Be healthy every day, so you can live a long and healthy life. You will be happy.


You are an amazing contribution to society, to the world and to those directly around you. You don’t need money to be an impact. If you take away the money from the person, is the person still left? Well he/she should be, as money shouldn’t define a person. You can be and are simply amazing without it. Don’t ever doubt it.