Day #206: 4 Ways You Can Stop Being Bored

Why are some people so positive, full of energy and joyful in their life? Because they EMBRACE it. You don’t need to be bored. They live it and enjoy it because they want to. Life is tough. Get over it. Make the most of it.

However amidst all this,  we can become so overwhelmed by it all, that we have no interest in doing anything, and yes it can be possible to become bored. 

Today I wish to share with you 4 ways you can attempt to snap out of boredom and hit the path to a positive, full of energy and joyful life.


You are the first and only one who can decide if you want to be more happier. You can choose to be more joyful in life or you can choose to continue to procrastinate and living a comfortable, yet linear life.

When you wake up, make a decision: Today I’m going to put smile on someone’s face. or Today I’m going to take on a big challenge and start eating healthier.” Whatever yours may be. Make it today!

You must have a specific action plan that will move you toward your dream.


When we were children, we were always curious creatures by nature. We have wanted to get to know the whole world and what it holds. This is also why children are always so happy, as there daily lives are full of excitement, by discovery and adventure. Even if that is as simple as exploring the kitchen or the backyard. To them it is all new.

However, the older we are, asking questions is becoming more “awkward”, almost rude in the eyes of some people. Today we walk around like sheep to their slaughter. In our everyday life and put a cool mask on our face to not look childishly.

Just expand your comfort zone, activate your brain, raise your heartbeat. But go out and try new things. Be childlike and explore, learn and find adventure.


The best way to activate your brain is to challenge and participate in activities that you fear. Overcome these fears and jump in.

You’ll see how much happy, joyful and fulfilled you feel when you overcome your fear. And even if you fail, you can learn from it and do it better the next time.

Remember it will take time to get use to the change or a new environment. But no matter how big your fear is, you must face it to move on and to feel happier and more engaged with life. YOU CAN DO IT.


When we lose all motivation and have no aspiration to do something meaningful, usually the best treatment can be to have a conversation with someone. This could be a stranger (stepping into the area of fear again) or it could just be with someone who helps encourage you. 

When we are vulnerable with people and open up, we will have serious and deep conversation which can usually lead to helping us solve our most common problems. Having someone outside your normal circles can be a great way for new, fresh and clear perspective. The conversation takes on a completely different dimension compared to conversation with family or close friends. (They will probably become your friend anyway)

When you make a decision to bring more joy into your life, when you keep trying new things, when you take on the biggest challenges or just call someone out to have a talk, then you’ll live an inspired life.

What will you do?

Our ability to handle life’s challenges is a measure of our strength of character. – Les Brown