Day #210: Why Failure Is Your Best Chance To Success

The facts speak for themselves. You will always pass failure on the way to success. Always. It’s all part of the journey, all part of the bigger story. But you know what, success is always around the corner. Big or small, whether you see it or not, it is and will be.

Avoiding failure is to avoid progress – New Beginnings

I’ve had set backs, I’ve had failures, good grief I even thought I would have been further down the track by now. But I am not. I have come far, so far, real far. But I still have plans, bigger plans. Usually when I find, think or see a new and rising opportunity, aside from the excitement kicking in, I start to prep for what I believe is going to be my next big gig. However, I have been wrong. Barrier after barrier, wall after wall, delays, economic downturn and I’m sure I can think of other reasons, these have all turned me to another direction to another path untraveled. Who knows, maybe this path untraveled will be the new path I have been looking for, the new path everyone will want to follow down. That is why I won’t give up. I won’t let the set backs be my end, or be my finishing. All it does, is direct me to something else, and something more.

Don’t believe me? This is just as evident as described here in the book: Getting to Plan B: Breaking Through to a Better Business Model

To succeed, you must change the plan in real-time as the inevitable challenges arise. In fact, studies show that entrepreneurs who stick slavishly to their Plan A stand a greater chance of failing-and that many successful businesses barely resemble their founders’ original idea. – John Mullins

The same goes for you. You need to stand strong. You need to fight the fight. Keep on keeping on. Don’t give up. Don’t let the set backs, the unexpected changes bring you down. Don’t give in and give up. Fight back, adapt and try again, and try something new. Keep doing this until something sticks. Like any good exercise, the more you do it the more your body adapts, adjusts and becomes accustomed to it. The same goes for your success. Keep wearing it down and wiping off the fatty things in your way. Soon enough you will be tight, toned and doing things you would have never imagined. 

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill