Day #213: Think Positive Be Positive, Think Negative Be Negative

Positive thinking can be the cure-all you need to start down a happier path in life. Negative thinking is only going to dig you deeper into a rabbit hole. The more of it, the deeper you will become and the deeper you become, the harder it will be for you to escape. At some point, you’ve got to haul yourself up and embrace being positive. Today I have a few suggestions that can help you out with that.

Remind yourself to be thinking positive each day

It will take some hard work, some determination, strength and willpower, but through it you can and will overcome. Being negative is a common trait we use to be harmful to ourselves. However once we have made a decision that we wish to overcome this, it is a matter of fighting for it, by countering or redirecting your thoughts to a positive thought. In doing so, you will begin to find more positives in the negatives and it will become easier as you progress.

Consume positive material

You know what they say:

What you put into life is what you get out of it. – Clint Eastwood

Reading positive affirmations will help give you the motivation, the inspiration and encouragement you need to begin changing your mindset. You can read a book, you can use Google, you can even get some good old posters to hang around at home. Whatever it may be, consume the good stuff and that’s what you will begin to see and get out of life more.

Spend time doing what you like

When you are excited and looking forward for something, your mind instantly becomes proactive. You will feel fully alive, pumped and ready to go! So the secret is to plan a day – each day to include the things that make you feel happiness. Life is too short to be doing only what you are forced to be doing. You can do anything and usually what makes us the happiest is following our heart and dreams.  

Have a little faith

Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears. – Gillian Anderson

Sometimes it just takes a little faith and belief to make it happen.  If you think you can’t change your thinking, then it’s likely that you won’t. However, with a positive mindset, just about anything is possible. Just believe that good things will happen, look for the good things and these things will start to become more obvious.

Remember nothing is ever permanent

Nothing is permanent — that’s one fact that nobody can undermine. Change is here to stay. That is life.  Nothing is set in stone and you can work on changing the things that you are unhappy with. Whether it be your relationships, your health, your professional life — there are things you can do right now to be happier in the future. But will you decide to take action today?

Embrace the negative and the positive

Sometimes the best thing we can do is accept that there will be the thick and thin and the positive and negative. Remember, where there is darkness there is always light too. Reality is, no matter how hard we try, there is always going to be some sort of negativity in life. Life is a mixed bag, or like a box of chocolates – you won’t always know what you are going to get. We all have struggles and most of the time we end up battling it out to the other end. The trick is to just remember to look for the good in every situation — maybe you’ll will surprise yourself.