Day #225: Be More Child Like


Children will always have a mind full of inspiration, dreams, and excitement simply because it is easier for them to imagine and believe. They don’t know any better, so the idea of something which would seem impossible to an adult, comes across as just another question unanswered but with a sure explanation, and usually to them the answer or explanation is innocent and simple. Due to not knowing the limitation and obstacle an adult would; their idea would seem ridiculous to an adult when really it can challenge our thinking. Kids have racing imaginations, that’s what makes their ideas so unique. They don’t imagine the reasons of why it won’t work, but they imagine all the possibilities.

So how can you remain childlike forever? Here are 6 ways you can:

1. Always Act Like a Child

Celebrate like a kid would. When you are happy, your whole face shows it. Smile whenever you get the chance or opportunity. Life is too short for worries, troubles, and fights. Children wake up each morning looking forward to the day and see opportunity in everything and seize the opportunity.

2. Don’t Let People Tell You “Be More Mature!”

If others tell you “grow up” or mature, don’t heed acting like your child-like self.  As always, do what your heart tells you. The heart forever remains child-like whether we choose to grow up or not. Just know when you are required to professional. But note, you can be professional and still have fun.

3. Hold On To Innocence

Always hold on to your innocence, no matter how selfish people may act around you. Innocence can have no price tag placed on it. It is something that is cherished and should be cherished more often. It is something that is so beautiful and pure that cannot be described in mere words.

4. Laugh often

Laugh at every opportunity you can get. Life is too short for chances. So, make the most of them and use laughter as the best medicine to act like a child for the rest of your life. Seize every chance you get to laugh till your stomach hurts forever and ever. You will be thankful for laughter is the best medicine. (It also lengthens your life)!

5. Simplicity is key

Don’t get caught up in lies, false statements, and clever tricks. Be the person, simple, innocent, child you truly are. There is the old saying to keep it simple stupid.

6. Stop over-thinking

When we over-think we needlessly stress out our minds and bodies. Over-thinking only leads to negativity and doubts. It does no one good. Kids never over-think. At times, they don’t even think when they should be thinking.

The great man is he who does not lose his child’s-heart.  ~Mencius, Book IV

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