Day #232: Why An Upbeat Routine Will Uplift Your Day

Having been out of my usual routine for last month, (was sick) getting back into the swing of things at first was a challenge. However now that I am back into routine, it is putting my life and day back on track and at an intense enough speed to keep me on my toes. 

Routine by nature makes you more productive and effective. Instead of running around with a vague idea of what you want to accomplish, the right lifestyle routine can turn you into a productivity monster and someone who will keep on keeping on. Like an attitude, how you set your routine will have a ripple effect across your life and day. An active, productive and well paced routine; will keep you inspired to grow, it will challenge you and keep you moving. A lazy routine may create a slow, unhealthy and inactive lifestyle, which in the long run inspires unhealthy habits.

Here is a list of 5 points of why routine is important and key to uplifting your day:

Routines Create Structure

Most people either don’t know what they want or don’t have a focused way of going about getting what they want. Having a routine eliminates both of those problems by forcing you to do a few things:

  1. Know what you want.
  2. Figure out how to get it.
  3. Add that activity somewhere in your schedule.

Once you have those three steps in place, you’re farther ahead than 90% of people flitting around from task to task with no real outcome or goal in mind.

Routines Eliminate Distraction

With a routine, you have a game plan. Set it up, get stuck into it and if you have formulated it correctly you will be following your routine seamlessly, so much – you will adapt to it like a passion. Your time will fly. But any good routine requires your diligence and self-control to complete the task at hand.

You Don’t Have To Think About Work – You Just Have To Work

The best benefit to creating routines is that you don’t have to think about work – you just work. I think the number one productivity hack in the world is simply deciding what to do.

By creating a routine and having exactly what you want to accomplish laid out, you take the guess-work out of “what” to do and can focus on just doing it. You’re no longer thinking about all the work that you have to and how you’re going to do it – you can simply go ahead and get it done.

You Can Find Your Rhythm

Ever been in “the zone?” That place where everything is easy, you zoom through work, and obstacles seem to scatter out-of-the-way?

Chances are there were a certain set of circumstances and surroundings that allowed for that to happen and helped you perform optimally. A routine lets you take those circumstances and creates a scenario where they happen regularly and predictably – making “the zone” that much easier to find.

This makes finding that zone more likely to happen more often, and when it does happen, lets you perform better – being more efficient and more effective across the board.

A System For Your Life

If you think about it, a routine is nothing more than a system for your life. Just like programmers create a certain program that will execute a function whenever it runs – a routine creates an environment and structure to your life that lets you execute certain tasks at will.

Meanwhile, implementing them seemingly melts any obstacle in the way, since you’ve created a routine that eliminates the distractions in your day and lets you focus on only the tasks at hand that you must do.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” ― John C. Maxwell

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