Day #245: Your Time Is Now

Your time is now. Today. Not tomorrow, as tomorrow that is yet to come. Make today a promising, productive and active day by taking the steps, the actions and necessary movements towards the greater you.

Maybe you have no idea what it is you wish to pursue? Well do I have news for you.

The way to take advantage of that is to find something to get good at, and then get good at it. As good as you can.

You can do this today:

  1. Pick something, anything, that interests you.
  2. Find the easiest next step, and get moving on it.
  3. Find joy in that step.
  4. Find someone to share it with. Better yet, find someone you have to turn it in to, like a boss or colleague or client or friend who will hold you accountable.
  5. Find the next easy step, and enjoy that as well.

This day will never happen again. Make the most of it. – Unknown

It’s normal to worry about the future, but probably the best antidote is to learn to shift your focus to what’s right in front of you, right now. Do what you can do now – that being to take action today. If that means planning for tomorrow, for the steps to be taken then so be it – but don’t sit and worry about the future if you cannot even move forward today.