Day #247: Make A Passionate Difference

Is it just me or do we seem to live our lives of either an obvious routine or micro versions of it. I know for most people their day is occupied with the constant same realities of commute, working, eating, maybe exercising and further commute, more eating and winding down with of course any extracurricular activities outside of these parameters.

When I am on the train, seeing the regulars every morning I wonder ‘am I noticed?’ and as I take my routine walk from the station to work, I identify that there is a lack of common decency let alone common sense among a collective group of people. You would think by now especially for the people who do it every day that they would vise up some sort of common practice when: crossing the street, standing to the left or walking on the right on the escalator, walking to the left down the street.

Seeing the breakdown of other people’s routines which collide with your own, questions me to think: what they are up to and if their usual daily do’s are as plain as what I see or is there something more exciting. Regardless of the happenings around me – through my morning stroll to work I have a 10 minute gap to think, ponder and wonder to myself about the day ahead, the people around me and my life. It is these moments where I seem to grow on epiphanies and either walk down memory lane or dare to dream.

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion” – German Poet.

The truth about this – is if we take away our daily do’s and the tasks at hand than you are left with yourself and your heart. That constant thing that you think about and that is pumping in your heart, will in some and most cases be your passion. It’s more so what you will do about it that creates the accomplishment.

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how they made them feel” – Carl W.Buechner

One thing which seems to always startle me is understanding impact. I mean c’mon we would all like to think that when we meet people we leave an impression whether we know them for a day or have known them for like forever. It has always stomped and made me stop to think about all those people who I have cared about and do, even if they don’t know it. Have in any sense have they stopped and given a thought about it?

Now I am not saying I want to be made known as some local hero or a friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, but it would be at least nice to know that you have made a difference or are making a difference in someone’s life! To know even if it is from your daily principles and general respects or mannerisms.

I say – if you are following your passions, living to your words and taking action. People may not say how it is impacting others, but they will see it. The good thing about passion is it will also be done of your best, as it is driven purely by what you desire. So following this should show your true potential, ability and capability. Live a life of your passion and see what difference you can make.