Day #249: Chase Happiness, Be Happier & Live Happy

Another massive Monday is upon us and it is all up to you to be happy. Will you make it as happy as can be?

You see, no one else can make you happy. Hollywood portrays these romantic stories about how someone else can change the whole disposition of your life but that’s not realistic. Other people cannot focus solely on your happiness. They have other things that they’d like to accomplish too. Being happy is your responsibility. No one else can do that for you. Besides, you’re the only one who truly knows what makes you happy anyway.

You can’t just stand around and expect things to change. You also cannot succeed without failing.

Many people take failure as a sign that they should give up. But the fact of the matter is having some type of setback is just part of the process. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re heading down the wrong path. Instead of throwing in the towel, try to learn something from your mistake and then take another stab at it. Think of each failure as a way to perfect your path to success.

Many people will make it seem like you need to be an expert at something before you can do it. But they’re wrong. Don’t get caught up in information overload, it’ll stop you in your tracks. It’s impossible to know everything. So you can’t wait until you’re a full-fledged expert before you take action.  That’s just another form of procrastination. Accept that there will be some things that you’ll have to learn along the way, and that’s perfectly fine.

It’s Monday. Get a new perspective. Whatever obstacle you’re facing, it’s not permanent. – Unknown