Day #253: Everyday Superheroes – The People Around You

Everyday you must journey on through the known and unknown. What we face isn’t always determined by ourselves, but how we react is. I’ve found that when it comes to being you and following your dreams – the journey itself is usually not alone. Even if it is, there will be key people who help light fires, fight fires, path paths, move walls and share wisdom – in doing so they will essentially enable you further than you could have by yourself.

Just recently I was reminiscing of the past and my journey here so far and started to wonder who has been the one or the people to thank for all the advice, guidance, structure and most certainly more across these years – especially the recent ones.

Regardless of who is who in the zoo – these people are like your everyday heroes… why? Because they are the ones supporting you along the way. They may not have any superpowers but when it comes to keeping you emotionally stable, sane and on track for your dreams – these guys are doing the heavy lifting. These people are there to listen, to care and to see you excel.

Your friends should motivate and inspire you. Your circle should be well-rounded and supportive. Keep it tight. Quality over quantity, always. – Unknown

We have people in our lives – some positive, some negative – but you know who the right people are… the ones who are supporting you. Keep these people close, as these are the ones that want to humbly see you be all that you are.

The question is: Who are you supporting and who are you helping see their dreams come true?