Day #266: Time Prioritised Says More About You Than You Realise…

You know that feeling? You’re motivated, excited and focused as you work toward your dreams and goals… Then, BAM! Life happens. Time keeps ticking on, but your still in the same place when you started. 

The initial excitement you felt fades away. What you had been working on seems to become harder and harder to capture and by the time you actually have the time to get back to your dreams and goals you are lacking the push, the urge and the motivation… You find yourself creating excuses. Days and then weeks go by. Those ambitious goals you dreamed up are nothing but far-off fantasies dancing around in your head. You feel guilty for not following through, and you say to yourself:

  • I’ll never be able to stick to my goals.
  • I don’t push myself hard enough.
  • I need to stop being so lazy.
  • I’m a failure.

I must ask you this: If you are lacking in motivation, drive and push to chase those dreams and to make them happen – are these really your priority? And secondly, are they your priority dreams. You see – if you are passionate about something, when it comes to time management and how you spend the available time you have, this reflects your priorities. Yes I know it can be easier to just relax, but relaxing should be scheduled and not unexpected. If you have some spare and real usable time – wouldn’t you want to be using this to find the greater you and to make those dreams a reality?

So in my books, the reason why you are saying these things to yourself (as listed above) is because:

  • You have bigger priorities
  • You’re just not that passionate about it
  • You lack the self-discipline
  • You have no motivation to move forward towards these goals

So maybe you need to redefine your dreams, redefine your priorities and identify what it is you would love to do and chase. 

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” — Coco Chanel