Day #288: Up The Mountain


As the final and 7th key to start living your dream – this one becomes the greatest of all and it all happens at the top of the mountain. 

It is all about when getting to the top of the mountain – keep climbing. As you rise to living my dream every time you think you have reached the peak, you should decide to keep going, and you will see how things end up even better than you possibly could have imagined. Even once you get to what you think is the top – there is no actual upper limit to what can be done in this world and you need to take full advantage of that as you push your way forward.

No matter what you do – as long as you maintain your honor and integrity it’s pretty hard to screw up badly enough that you get sent back to square one. Or come tumbling down a hill. There may be rests and breaks required and maybe even some route changes or doubling back to find a better path. But remember to always keep pushing and know that with this key and all the previous 6, that you might just be able to do something great!

Never measure the height of a mountain until you reach the top. Then you will see how low it was. – Dag Hammerskjold

Photo Credit: Instagram @canva | Location: Unknown

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Like 2016, 2017 brings new horizons and new opportunities. How we react and take action on these opportunities will ultimately redefine how 2017 will be. What will you do?