Day #298: You Are The Controller – Now Take Control

The only person who is going to make take control, be the controller and make your day ultimately the best day it can be – is essentially you. No pressure aye?

But seriously. Today is another Monday, another start of a week, another chance, another opportunity, another day in which you can decide to be positive or be negative. You may have a busy day or a day which isn’t even planned out. Regardless – how the day flows, rolls and progress are primarily based on your attitude and reaction to the events throughout the day. You are in control.

In saying all this, it is a segway to something greater. Something more and something which you need to think about. Like I said; you have a chance to own the day and make it what it is. You have this same chance for your life obviously, and the more you start doing, the more you start acting in control and the more you start proactively taking responsibility, the sooner you will find the success, the answers and the happiness you are looking and longing for.

There is no shortcut in your journey to whatever/wherever it is you are going – the only advantage you can have is stepping up and being accountable for your responsibility. It’s great that you are good at what you do! But could you be better? Could you be greater? If so and if you want it – why not go for it. Don’t make excuses that the timing is wrong, that you don’t have what it takes. If you want it – prioritize it and make it your mission. This is for anything you want to achieve. If you don’t start putting in the time – well there will be no time left and the time you have spent will be the time in which you may regret and never get back. So make the most of the time and moments you have, as one day you will wake up and you will ask yourself… why didn’t I start earlier? Why didn’t I do this or do that? Don’t wait until that moment to motivate yourself but teach yourself to be motivated now. Yes it will be tough, yes it will be hard – but in the long run, you will have it easier and better for you and the people in your life. It is a small sacrifice well worth its return.


What will you do today?

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” – Les Brown