Day #312: Be An Optimistic


Staying positive has never been an easy challenge, nor should it be. This is very much the same as being optimistic. Being able to train the mind to remain calm, even when reality seems to be nothing near it… can take a bit of skill and dedication. Though it can be challenging to stay optimistic, we need to help ourselves to stay positive so that we can think more clearly and find ways to overcome our trials. So how exactly do we shift our perspective to do this?

Re-Program Your Mind

Firstly, you need to rid of those negative statements that seem to fill your mind and heart each day. Remember that your worst enemy is no one else but yourself. Each time you find yourself thinking negatively, try to counteract it by filling your mind with positive thoughts. If your problems started to fill your mind, just know that everything will be fine and that each challenge has a corresponding solution. Outweigh your negative thoughts with positive ones. 

Use Positive Affirmations

Even if you’re not aware of it, a lot of us are familiar with positive affirmations. Here are some that you can use each morning to make your day brighter and more positive:

“Life is giving me everything that’s necessary for my own good.”

“I’m facing this day with a healthy body and positive mind.”

“I see the blessings in the challenges I face.”

“I put more attention on things that are good for me.”

“I choose to be happy today.”

“I endure almost everything.”

What’s even better is affirmations on a piece of paper and post it near your bed, so that it is the last thing you see before you sleep at night and the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. You can also create your own affirmations that match your needs.

Don’t Escape From Reality

Becoming an optimist is not an escape route to your problems. This is just one of the ways to cope with challenges, help you think more clearly, and stay calm during situations that don’t work in your favor. Just because your optimistic doesn’t mean that the problem will be solved on its own. You need to be realistic at the same time. Yes, there are things that you can’t control, but you can control your attitude towards them. Controlling your attitude will enable you to soldier through situations and subtly this will also help build your confidence. Give it a try. Be happy because you can. Smile no matter what. 

Share Positivity With Others

You should not explicitly force others to be optimistic. What you should do is simply help others see the bright side of things. Stay positive and let this attitude affect the people around you. With your happiness, your positive vibes, people will want to know how you do it, how you remain so calm… Remember that you can influence others with what you do and not so much as you say. Let your attitude be the example. 

“Learning to think positively, to be an optimist, is like strengthening a muscle.”  – Krista Weatherspoon

Photo Credit: Instagram @s.dem_| Location: Italy

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