Day #315: Calm Your Inner Enemy & Befriend Your Mind

Despite how different we all are, we all aim for the same goal: peace of mind. We vary in our routes, but not in our destination. Peace of mind is a state. You can’t find it in money, love, children or fame. It’s a state of mind you have to earn. Once you realize you can’t buy it, steal it or wish for it, it becomes yours. The shortest way to find peace is by befriending your own mind. Here are some steps to help do just that:

Step One: You Can’t Run Forever…

You can’t run from decisions you’ve been delaying, plans you’ve been postponing or actions you’ve been putting on hold.

A chaotic mind may prevent you from obtaining peace. If there’s something haunting your thoughts, let go of it. A mind stuck in the past will never progress. Face whatever is occupying your mind with courage and pride. Be the monster to your worst nightmares.

Step Two: Me Time

“Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it.’’ – John Mayer

Spending time alone doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lonely life. It’s okay to feel the need to distance yourself sometimes. People should know it’s nothing personal. It’s only something you have to do to feel good about yourself. It will help you discover who you really are at heart, with the noise of the world around you muted. When you show enough courage to defeat your negative thoughts, your mind will start to surrender to how powerful you’ve become.

Step Three: Learn To Never Judge People – You Can Only Judge Actions

Letting your subjective judgment determine your relationships, or at the very least influence, them is a bad habit you need to steer clear of. A troubled mind is constantly looking for reasons to be doubtful and for ways to spread its negativity in your system. Learn to appreciate the people you know, and also the ones you once knew. Don’t judge the presence of someone in your life, or the moral behind why your roads aligned for a while. Open yourself up to all sorts of experiences and influences from everyone.

Step Four: Trust Your Instincts

Your mind might sometimes get caught up in details, mixed signals, and complicated emotions, but your instinct will seldom fail you. Following your own instinct will eventually enhance the way you perceive things around you. At the right time in the right situation, you’ll instantly know what to do. The power of your instinct is an innate gift, and you should always refer to it in your time of need.

Step Five: Have A Little Faith In Yourself

Doubt is one hell of an enemy; once you let it control your thoughts, it can own every fiber of your being. Having faith in yourself and in your capabilities is strong enough to defeat any negative thoughts you may encounter. Sure, your mind will struggle a little at first, but once you’ve established a concrete relation with your strength points, embraced your weaknesses and realized your potential, your mind will shift from destructive to constructive self-criticism mode.