Day #327: Life Lessons Of Being A Runner You Should Adopt

If you had asked me 4 years ago to go for a run or if I ever planned to be a runner – I would have giggled and said to you – keep dreaming. Yet here I am today and I can honestly say that Running is the best thing I have started doing and included into my busy schedule. Now with over 1,750 km’s ran I can say, I believe running is for everyone. Being small, skinny, big, obese or fit, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be 10 km’s to consider ourselves runners, but 20-25 minutes of running for beginners is quite good. 
Running is a tool to ignite and restart the body and mind.

Running is beneficial in every aspect:

  • It is beneficial for overall health; it can raise the levels of good cholesterol;
  • It can boost our immune system and it can help in every way, literally.
  • Running can help us lose weight. Actually running is the second most effective exercise considering burned calories per minute. First is cross-country skiing.
  • It act’s as a ‘positive drug’ giving you a sweet torture to your body, followed by a joyful experience

4 Lessons You Can Adopt From Running (you should run to feel this for yourself):

You Should Never Underestimate Yourself

“It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not.” – Denis Waitley

Fauja Singh is 102 and is believed to be the world’s oldest runner. Since taking up running, aged 89, he has run nine full marathons. Singh retired from competitive races in February after completing a 10K race in Hong Kong. But he still jogs every day in east London. He talked to Nadeem Badshah about what running means to him and how he keeps himself in shape. If this amazing man can do it – so can anyone else. Running can make us self-confident and boost our self-esteem. The experience in achieving a goal is widely known. Simply by the fact that we set and achieve a goal (to run 30-35 minutes or run 6-7 miles or roughly 10km) we feel much happier and empowered.

Runners Meditation

Our brain is relieved from bad thoughts and it is forced to think on our left-right legged frequent steps. Although it feels automatic, the brain is forced to give commands to every part of our body. By the fact that it gives commands to the body and makes symphonically perfected movements, it is relieved from the aberrations accumulated from everyday life. After only a few minutes of running, the brain starts to relieve hormones that naturally improve our mood. One of them is the endorphin or so-called “feel-good” chemical.

The Accordance of Body & Mind

Imagine as the body argues with the mind that he is always the pessimist. The mind always hurts the relationship between them and the body always wins the argument. The best way to see body and soul as one is with running. It’s the balance between the physics and psyche. If we lurk a bit inside the process of running, we can conclude that by the process in the physical world, the body forces the mind to make ourselves feel good. By doing the movement of running, the body drags the mind’s attention away from the negativity and, in a positive way, forces the mind to produce feel-good chemicals.

“The Feeling”

Since we deciphered three of the codes, “the feeling” is the outcome of all three. It’s the feeling when we stop, when we stretch, eat a banana, and get a hot, steamy shower. While we are busy torturing our brain to release feel-good chemicals, we get prepared for the final feeling. I call it “the dessert”, except its not physical cake or something sweet. It’s like feeding the brain with the cake without touching a spoon.

We cannot explain how being in love feels or how being drunk feels. We can’t explain “the feeling” either, but we can give a pretty good example of how to get to it. GO RUN.

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Nikola Gjakovski is an International Marketing Manager. Dog’s lover, Spa Center owner, Healthy Food Store owner, ex kickboxer and adrenaline junkie. His passion is motivating the individuals to make this world a better place. He discovered his talent through his life experience all over the years. You can meet this guy at