Day #333: Your Morning Is Important


Have you ever considered the greater impact your morning is having on your broader life? Seriously – have you ever taken the time to really understand how your life can be a direct reflection of your morning? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t – but humor me for a moment and just hear me out:

The traits of a morning person bring benefits that I believe will make you a better person more and more each day, but these traits also become relevant to your broader life.  I have found that the below 3 points are what my mornings are made up of. This is how they reflect a deeper/greater impact on your life. 


I have found that for any morning to have any sense of flow and structure you need a routine and a good one at that. Now, this doesn’t mean you need do the same thing every day for the rest of your life, but it means you should have a structured morning each day whether it be the same as the day before, or maybe an alternating routine, or even a completely different routine on the weekend. The idea here is to have something which becomes second nature to you. Once your routine has become a morning usually, your mind and body will learn to adapt and go with its natural flow. This will put your whole morning into a kickstarted state when you wake, as your whole body and state of mind will be already doing what it should be… but subconsciously.

How is this going to overflow into your life? Routine encourages muscle memory but also enables a way to simplify your life. Having things set out and planned ahead, due to routine, allows you to have more time to spend on other things and potentially more important things… rather than having to work out what you were going to wear or what food you will be eating today. Routine also enables or increases your consistency and even your reliability. Having a routine which works, which increases your ability to be productive will allow you to be consistent, dependable and in the end reliable. These are important traits when growing in the professional world and they will always be important for both your personal growth and external growth.


Attitude is the key to any good day. Take away routines and you are left just another day. But attitude creates a day into what you want it to be. By setting my attitude the moment I wake up, this is usually the tone and theme of my day. Setting your morning tone basically influences the remaining actions of your day. Attitude will also be determined by your purpose and intent of the day – if this is combined with a routine which proactively enables you to be ready and content in the morning – your attitude is going to be (without even trying) a reflection of this. The compounding of this will start to trickle across other areas of your life. Routine and even the increase of willpower across the rest of your life in your everyday actions or goals will naturally trigger your attitude to be of happiness more and more.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci


Excitement is all about taking the little things of your day and turning them into the highlights, the high points and using these as motivators and encouragements. When we’re excited we release endorphin’s and we kick into gear with a boost of adrenaline. We overcome fears. We take chances. We make tough decisions. We push the boundaries. We explore our potential. We become solution-focused and we become more resourceful. Chat with any successful person about their goals and their passion and you’ll see what I mean about excitement. If you’re not excited (on some level) about your goals, then you may need to find some different ones. Your mornings can be filled with these moments, with this same sense of excitement through both routine and attitude but also by taking elements of your life and applying them to your morning. This could include: music, food, exercise, free time or anything or everything which makes you feel that little extra pumped. Find some of these and sprinkle them into your morning – and just see how this will influence your day and each day for the rest of your life for the better.

Do you think you are up for it? Will you give it a go? Would you do it differently? What are some key areas/elements of your morning?

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