Day #338: Negative Emotions Into High Performance Enablers

Emotions tend to drive us… Despite an endless stream of upbeat self-help books and articles, the great majority of us simply can’t change our lives completely overnight. Gradual change is harder, but as always, necessary. There are no shortcuts, we are always told, but this is only partly true. On top of the time wasted, there is always guilt and shame – and often awful stress – over procrastination, both at work and home. That’s how decision-making and our productivity become so warped and clouded by the reaction, not proactive thinking.

Here are the strategies that can be used to turn negative emotions into high performance:

  • Having a routine in place to minimize the required time to make decisions on what is required each morning will help you stay on top of things and avoid any guilt/shame when making the decision. I am talking about having your lunches, clothes, items and other things ready the night before the day ahead – especially for work. Take these things off your place so you can focus on growing you in the morning. Exercise, better eating and spiritual growth.
  • Being accountable to others will help use any potential shame as a force for productivity.
  • Feeling guilty about what you eat? These are the first, easy and clear things your should be changing and you can use these moments to enable smaller habits such as for an example:  in order to get to breakfast, you have to drink water first to start your digestion. Then turn into a glass of water before every meal and eventually other small, but critical changes for better digestion.

These are just some of the ways you can use your negatives and turn them into a positive to work for you. 

We all dream of becoming a successful person one day. This specific thought of “becoming a successful individual” has been instilled in our minds ever since we were children. And as we grow up, it seems that our main focus or target narrows down to this particular concept. We try hard to achieve our goal. We really try hard. But is it really that hard to become a successful person?

Let me remind you – There are no shortcuts to success. Becoming a millionaire by buying lottery tickets can happen once in a million times. So there’s no point in wasting time in buying lottery tickets and praying for a jackpot. Go out there, move with the pace every successful person is moving with, make mistakes, learn from them, teach yourself skills, and conquer the world. No, don’t do that. Just conquer your world, be successful, and be content.

But the key to this is to turn those negative emotions into high-performance enablers.

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” ― Stephen King