Day #351: Prove Them Wrong – Be The Driver


Life is a journey, actually, life is a roller-coaster. It filled with up’s and down’s, left’s and right’s and plenty of unexpected moments. But you are still the driver. However, your experience on the ride of life will be dictated by you, only because you are the one that can make the decisions for your life. You are the one essentially in control. There are things you can’t change and, no matter what you do, you’ll just have to accept that you’re powerless against them. But the wisdom is in knowing which category a certain situation falls into. Don’t let something beyond your control keep you up at night — it will only serve to drive you crazy. Focus on what you can control – and the best I suggest you control is your consistency, your routine and the brand of you.

Our character is built and defined through the experiences, the choices, the consequences and of course the values learned from all these. Keep soldiering through, keep pushing on! As your journey will take you where you need to go, but remember you are the driver. Don’t wait around for the world to deliver. You must be the one to deliver. The world will provide the vehicles but you are the skill, you are the power and you are the one that will get you from A to B or the other 25 destinations. Be the driver you were always meant to be. 

Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours. – Zero Dean

Just remember: 

  • Even when the odds are against you, battle it out like you own the moment.
  • If you believe you have a mission to beat it, make it or be it. Then this is your moment.
  • Your time to shine is now.
  • You have already beat the odds if your willing to go for it. Making the decision to act gets you halfway there.
  • It’s the days when we least expect our achievements to occur that they actually occur and surprise us.

Get out there. Beat the odds.