P365 2018: Day #212: Failure Myths…


Failure is not something most people are prepared for. Failure has been a recurring topic throughout my blogs and the reason for that is, because it is the number one driver which is limiting you from getting from the results to success. The fear of failure is diminishing your confidence in succeeding. Aside from the improper planning and wrong decisions being made, here are some myths about taking action which may be stopping you from starting and thriving in the process.

You need to be a perfectionist

I can promise you that there is no one out there that knew it all, had all the answers or had everything accounted for before they took action. Sometimes we just need to stop making the excuses for not having it all ready and just start and take action.  Embrace the learning process along the way! For example:

Traci Des Jardins, a well-known chef, was trained by some of the best chefs and restaurateurs in the world. Traci launched her own restaurant Jardinière in San Francisco in 1997. When she expanded her restaurant empire, her biggest challenge was raising money. She had no formal training in business, so she leaned on a business partner to help her figure it out.

You need to have every detail planned out

Like the above, you don’t need to have all the details accounted for, however, the more details from the beginning can be insightful and help with decision-making, however, these details can delay us from every start.

 “When people do nothing but execute a plan, they lose the ability to innovate and adjust to the changing waters of business.” – Garrett Moon

There has to be the perfect time

There will never be the perfect time to take action. We may have an advantage or come out quicker due to circumstances, however, if you spend all the time waiting for the perfect moment, you will miss out altogether. As the perfect time does not exist. No matter what; thick or thin, push through and you will come through in the end.

You don’t have the time

If it isn’t the right time to start, maybe you feel you don’t have the time to actually commit. Now there is a thin line for this and it comes down to priorities. You will always have time, but it is how you prioritize your time.  Let’s not forget that there are plenty of successful and busy people out there who manage. For example, a CEO would know what it is like to work non-stop. Now if they decided to stop this kind of life for the sake of their own sanity, they could. It is possible to still manage a company, have a family and look after yourself. It is not about not having the time, it is about managing and prioritizing your time.

You need a lot of resources to begin

You think you need to have all the right resources in check before making the leap.  Like the common excuse “I need money to make money”. I get it, resources and money make things easier, they remove barriers and obstacles and they help whatever it is we are doing become that whole lot easier. But if you start whatever it is you want to do, if you take action and do it with the minimal, you will learn to adapt, to make do and to find ways to work around the lack of resources. In time, the resources will become available and you will have the option to apply these, but who knows, you may be happy and content with doing it the way you have managed all this time.

You need to control everything

When taking action and starting something new, we tend to become control freaks. We want to make sure we know the in’s and out’s of whatever it is we are doing. I get it, we want to make sure we have everything in order. But sometimes to have control and to have power, actions and tasks need to be delegated and segregated. Asking for help and having assistance highlights the importance of giving up control in order to build a successful dream, as it allows us not to rely on just one person – ourselves. Don’t get me wrong – self-motivation and determination will always get you far and maybe even further. But support, encouragement and even direction from a mentor, will also go a long way.

Many people struggle with making a start due to being clouded by the myths listed above. The best way to combat these is to commit to not falling into any of the above mentioned.

You can do it!

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