Welcome to Project 365

Welcome to the new and improved Project 365 for 2016 – commencing 1-Jan-2016. To ensure the context is set right, please find below a little bit of information of what Project 365 is and what to expect. 

Project 365 is a small side project set out to encourage and motivate people through the use of small mantras and quotes. The idea is structured daily with the intention to inspire others to aspire further in their own lives and journeys. The initial idea was derived from my own personal motto:

I want to innovate, be innovative and promote success through all that I do and to the people around me. I wish to spread happiness and express life through my actions. I plan to create opportunity through my visions, dreams and inspire those around me to aspire further in their own lives. – Chris Furlong

When this initiative originally started back in 2014 – this was primarily set on Facebook. Having successfully completed a year posting a positive message each day in 2014 with some lessons learned along the way, there was a new plan to redo Project 365 but on a more detailed and comprehensive level in 2015. This mean’t Project 365 was relocated to my personal blog (clfurlong.com), using the same concepts and the blog produced daily content which was shared via social media as well as via a daily mailing list. With 2016 just around the corner Project 365 is taking another step up, but this time as its own separate blog keeping it separate from my personal one. The intention here is to ensure this blog is dedicated purely for this content and my personal blog for other topics. 

So what is in store for you? 

As you can probably tell already, there has been a re-brand of the Project 365 with the motto of “A Year’s Journey”.  Our key themes or categories will be INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & ENCOURAGE. Aside from this, nothing much is changing apart from a new blog time which will be set across the broader time period of 7:30am to 11:30am, but still daily. If there is one thing my stats has shown me in 2015, it has been when readers (yourself) have actually been reading the content. So I have updated my blog schedule to work around these times more. 

What do I need from you?

Simply put – all I need from you is your ongoing support to read & share the content. Plus if you have a comment or some feedback, I would love to have this come my way too. 

I look forward to sharing with you all (new or original’s) and I hope that this side project of mine can give you the boost, the inspiration and that little extra push to follow your dreams and be the best version of you possible!

Warm Regards,

Chris Furlong | Personal Motivator