Day #003: This Year You Have 8,784 Hours…

Well I hate to break it to you but by the time you have read this you will have less than this…

2016 will actually have one extra day being a leap year. Meaning you will have 8,784 hours compared to 2015 which had 8,760 hours to be utilized and mastered.

For those already thinking… how can this be a Project 365 if there will be 366 days. Well if you come along for the journey, you will see how the extra day this year will be incorporated. 

You have a journey, a job, a duty to yourself to get out there and spend these hours, work these hours and convert these hours in the results.

Take them, use them and see what you can become! 

There are only two options: Make progress or make excuses. – Tony Robbins

Each year we all start at the same position. New opportunities, new goals, new habits and new scores to set. Even if this is your first time setting a goal and staying committed. So it is also for the experienced. They need to step it up to something new, something more. Which means they will need to have just as much willpower that you require to achieve their own goals. So don’t make the excuse of thinking  “you’re not strong enough”, “good enough”, or “don’t know how to start”.

Just get out there and go, go, go and do, do, do. Just start and just do!

Little by little. Day by day. This is all it takes to be the best you. – Chris Furlong

My question to you today is, now that we have reached Day #003, how are you tracking towards your destination? Is the journey a breeze so far? Is it already tough? Any obstacles in your way?
Don’t give up now! This is just the beginning of something better! You’ve got this.