Day #008: Keep Telling Yourself

People can think and say what they want about you, but what should really matter is what your tell yourself and what you believe. 

Speaking from experience, I have been known to have worked some long hours, while at the same time juggling multiple jobs and sides hustles all at once, which easily turned into 80 hours a week.

  • Was I happy? Absolutely!
  • Was I motivated? Everyday!
  • Was I rewarded? Yes!

What you tell yourself every day will either lift you up or tear you down. – Unknown

You see we all have different working conditions, we all have different days, we all have different circumstances in our lives. We are all different, but we all human. We all have the ability to tell ourselves something everyday. We control what we believe, how we feel and what we expect. All these factors can be very negative, but they can also be very POSITIVE. You decide. You decide every moment of how you react, how you take action, how you think and how you be you.

Make the decision to think positive, to look for the opportunities, to see the light, to understand the pain vs gain. These are all attributes of training your mind and character to be positive.

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. — Steve Kloves

When your given tough conditions, when things ain’t going as you planned, you can dwell on the could-haves, or you can mope about the things you miss out on or… You can rise to the moment. You can take your attitude and turn it up.

Don’t wish for a joyful day. Make it a joyful day.

Don’t wish for a happy day. Make it a happy day. 

What you tell yourself each day is what you will become. Telling yourself the same thing over and over will create a psychological path in your mind that you will become naturally in tune with. A strong mind will take you places you could never imagine going physically. But a strong mind requires, discipline, willpower and self-control.

My question to you is:

  • What are you telling yourself each day?

Not out loud, but what are you thinking about to yourself, what are you claiming over your life? Positive things? Negative things?

Taking control of your own day will build your willpower, your self-control and your discipline. It will also build your confidence.

Take action to today! Take a stand. Rise up and face yourself. Understand who you are and buckle up. As you are about to take on your greatest challenge of your life. You.

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