Day #012: Train Your Mind

You have a choice to make. A decision to do or do not. A choice to make to dictate your attitude, your perception, your reaction and your action.

It’s all about training your mind to see the good in every moment and every situation. It’s up to you to make the moment, including how you experience it and how you will remember it. But most of all, how you react to it. 

So all those goals you have set. All those new challenges… When they get tough, when it feels like you are not good enough to conquer them – this is when it is time to remind your mind that:

You have what it takes and don’t ever doubt it.

Your mind will try to convince you that your don’t have what it takes. But you need to remember who you are, what your training for and what you’re aiming for. Have your end game in sight and when it gets tough – it just means you need to buckle up, suck it up and push yourself to grow and do whatever you need to get to that end game. 

With this all in mind. The best way to see the good in the moments, is to be happy. To be happy, you once again need to decide to be happy. (Trust me it is worth it).

Here are a few handy hints on how to decide to be happy:

  • Happiness comes from the little things and appreciating them.
  • Happiness is something you can find within yourself.
  • Self – happiness should motivate you to meet success.
  • Happiness and you are the priority. So make it. 

Keep happiness in your own hands — even if it isn’t yet obvious why you should. – Deirdre McAndrew