Day #021: Set Your Expectations

Being hard on yourself to the point in which your strongest competition is yourself, will enable you to reach further, push harder and achieve more. Understanding expectations when responsibility is handed your way is crucial to this process as it sets the bar in which you need to deliver let alone go above and beyond.

Now, this has its flaws, but it also has pro’s. Let me explain…

Often people live life according to what other people think is best for them; their friends, their family, the media, or the society we live in. However, pleasing other people and living up to their expectations can leave you feeling like a failure, or at best stressed out.

Don’t try to keep up with everyone else’s expectations, set your own and achieve them. You only get one life – personalize it, and live it.

To improve your life doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Sometimes a few tips are all that you need to start living better. – Amy Johnson

With this all in mind, there are some other things you can do to help push yourself further, achieve further and be better than the day before. I wont go into too much detail, but feel free to add a comment and ask a question.

1. Understand that failure is important

2. Be good to your body

3. Keep exercising your mind

4. Put those fears aside

5. Remove the negative feelings – be positive

6. Live in the moment – make the most of it

7. Be kind to those around you

8. Be committed to yourself

So what will you do to help push yourself further? Do you have high expectations for others and not yourself?