Day #040: Bring It On

This is it people.

This is your chance to take ownership.

To decide to make a difference. To decide that today is going to be better. To decide that this week is going to be better.

This is your chance to step it up. To step into a new mindset, a new goal, a new challenge.

You and everyone else has a chance to reset the clock and to do a new week fresh and new.

You have a chance to make it what it is.

You have a chance to be greater than the week before, to be a step closer in your journey to greatness.

Monday was yesterday, maybe it went smooth, maybe it didn’t. However today you still have the power to make this week better than ever. Forget yesterday as a whole, but take the foundation of it’s best and build from that. This should be the starting point for today. 

However I hope this week has kick-started with an attitude of delight. An attitude of optimism ready to take new opportunities and new ways to challenge who you are.

If you haven’t… Then listen in.

In order to continue into this week with an attitude of optimism, then there a number of things I always have checked and ready:

1. A Smile On My Face
2. A Positive Attitude
3. A Mission and Plan
4. Confidence – Even If You Lack It
5. A Bounce

What are these? Let me explain:

1. A Smile On My Face

The first and most important thing to any good morning and a good week is a smile.
You put that smile on and I can assure you instantly you will feel alive.
It just feels right. Try it. Try it now.

2. A Positive Attitude

What are you expecting today? What are you expecting this week?
What you expect is only going to reflect in your actions, your attitude and your tone.
I always come expecting the best, but prepared for the worst.

3. A Mission and Plan

Know what your game plan is each day.
What will be the challenges?
What will be the high points?
Have your to do list ready.

4. Confidence – Even If You Lack It

Walk in like you own the place. Pump your tunes.
Know who you are, what you’re doing and show it.
Even if you don’t think you are – well fake it. – Trust me, it works.

5. A Bounce

More Tunes = More Bounce
A Smile = More Bounce
A Positive Attitude = More Bounce
A Game Plan = More Bounce
Confidence = More Bounce
In essence; take these and own them. Make them yours.
How you do it is up to you. But bring these with you and bring them with a bounce.

Expect the best and be prepared for the worst. Own the day. – Chris Furlong

Regardless – I dare you take this week and make it a good one.