Day #059: The Happy Way

People sometimes assume that beautiful people must be happy when in reality being happy lets your true beauty shine through.

Happiness is not necessarily getting everything you want. 

“It’s enjoying the little things in life—whether that’s starting to eat healthy or just waking up a little earlier to enjoy more of your day.” —Jane Ko, editor of A Taste of Koko

The point is – we all have a decision to make when it comes to being happy.

You can wake up and choose to have a happy day or you can choose to submit to the everyday drag in which society tells you to live.

You see, if you choose to see the small things, the beautiful things and the things that inspire. Then you will always be happy and even successful.

Taking a positive approach will inspire others to embrace the very same enthusiasm.

Below are 10 ways you can get yourself to a mental state of happiness:

1. Inhale, exhale, repeat.
Breathe. Take a moment and just relax. Let the air flow in and out.
Embrace and really notice the air you breathe. Take note as life is full of it.

2. Chat yourself up.
Challenge yourself, encourage yourself, push yourself.
I’m not saying walk around talking to yourself, but rather spur yourself on.

3. Say thanks.
Be polite, thank people, make them feel welcome and happy.
By sharing the love, the care and manners – happiness is created.

4. Become fluent in body language.
Understanding and identifying just how body language works, can tell a better story than words.
Identifying how people are reacting, especially in a positive way, will only encourage your happiness.

5. Pursue (physical and mental) fitness.
Exercise is a key of making you feel better than ever.
Running for instance will grow your mental capacity and will power as well as your fitness.
Once you complete, achieve or do more than you have before. You will be inspired and encouraged.

6. Eat smart.
Eating healthy is another key to being happy. 
As much as binge eating, sweets and sugary goods make you feel nice…
Overcoming this and having a fresh, healthy and clean eating lifestyle will reflect:
– Positive Attitude
– Happiness
– Bounce

7. Get adequate shuteye.
In a busy world, adequate sleep can be hard. But your body requires it and if you adequately suffice your body with it,
Then your body will be react efficiently, effectively and readily. You will have a buzz.

8. Spread joy
Sharing your bounce, your buzz or even a smile, will create happiness.
Your attitude will trickle on to others – so make sure it is spreading joy.
As you encourage others, their enticed happiness will spur on your own.

9. Embrace Opportunity
Everyday is a new chance to change your life, embrace something new and discover more.
Being able to grow more, aspire further, share joy and open and close doors, really entices ones’ excitement.
Embracing the above and the challenges, with an optimistic attitude will soon enough bring you happiness.

10. Faith
Your faith – should always be your inner happiness.
What you believe in and stand for, will sculpt who you are.
If you live for what you believe in and stand for – you will always be happy.

 I am my own superhero – Erika Chau

Do you have a way of being happy? Do you think the above 10 ways are true?

Share your thoughts – leave a comment.

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