Day #068: When It Strikes


When it strikes we know it, but sometimes we won’t always be ready for it or expecting it. Opportunity strikes at any given moment. Things change, things divert, plans actualise and plans fade. 

There are three kinds of people in this world:

  • First, the ones who make things happen.
  • Second, the ones who see things happen.
  • Third, the ones who wonder what happened?

“Don’t spend so much time trying to choose the perfect opportunity, that you miss the right opportunity. Whether you’ve found your calling, or if you’re still searching, passion should be the fire that drives your life’s work.” – Michael Dell

Great men and women don’t wait for the right opportunity to come at their door steps; but rather they act upon to create the opportunity in order to move ahead in their path of great achievements. These are the people those who make things happen. We can enable ourselves further to create an opportunity for ourselves, or we can enable ourselves to enable others to create an opportunity for ourselves. The main point being, we should be actively seeking and pursuing our dreams in order to continue to find opportunities which will continue to further this. 

So get out there and know that when it STRIKES, you take it confidently. 

Photo Credit: Instagram: @michwai | Location: Wellington, New Zealand.

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Like 2016, 2017 brings new horizons and new opportunities. How we react and take action on these opportunities will ultimately redefine how 2017 will be. What will you do?