Day #069: Progress Is A Must

Progress is a must.

Each day we have a chance to move forward toward our goals. We have chance to work on something for a bigger picture.

I know a big one for many is exercise and actually putting the time into the gym.

Ever since I started running or even exercising for that matter – I was continuously reminded that things wont always go as planned. But that’s OK.

You see it is better to progress than to not at all. You will never be perfect, but you can work towards it.

Even if you progress a little, this is a closer step to getting to your goal.

I have realized things happen that are out of my control, and they will muck up my idea of the perfect run or the perfect workout…

Especially when it comes to running; Thunderstorms mid run, phone (music) dying or my GPS tracker stopping, headphones dying meaning no music and many other little things too.

The point is – Get out there and do something for what you’re working towards whether it be to take a baby step or a leap.

Each day is progress. Don’t stop!

If you are making excuses to exercise, or for any case, making excuses to work on your goals and dreams. You only have yourself to blame.

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. – Frederick Douglass

The sad part is – your body won’t go where the mind, soul and heart wont push it.

So if you are just going to keep putting it off, and keep procrastinating, you will get nothing. That’s what you deserve… if you put nothing in, you cannot get anything back.

So once again, I challenge you and encourage you to re-evaluate how much you want these dreams, these passions, these goals.

It is time to take a stand for yourself and say “Let’s do this”.

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