Day #078: The Best Is Yet To Come


You are in control of your life, your ambitions, your goals and most of all your attitude. Every morning as a I commute to work, I am constantly reminded that regardless if the day is looking half-empty or half full…I need to take action and make sure I am pouring the water. I need to make sure I am being the best I can be. But less about me and more about you!



You can wait around for things to happen, you can wait around expecting the cup to one day overflow.

BUT, if you decide to start pouring for yourself and filling the cup yourself, things will start to flow.

You as you grow, you as you develop and you as you impact the world around you will soon enough be a cup overflowing.

But if you don’t start from a cup half empty, how will you ever get to a cup half full?

As you keep pouring THE BEST WILL COME!

Doesn’t matter if the glass is half-empty or half-full. All that matters is that you are the one pouring the water – Mark Cuban

Here are 4 Steps to take to kick-start your next journey:

  1. Attitude Check: Get this right from the start and you will have a head start.
    Having your head in the game and your mind in the right place will enable you to be on the ball.
    This will also give you enough fuel to keep yourself motivated.
  2. Just Start – Just Do It: Once you have that dream/goal/plan or journey locked in – now it is time to start. Take action!
  3. Challenge Yourself: Starting is one thing, but really getting your hands dirty is what is important.
    Start with a public statement or a self declaration to commit and deliver something on a regular basis.
    Challenge yourself to do something daily for the next 365 days. This will GROW you!
  4. Be Confident: If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to? Stand tall and believe in you and what you can do.

So what you going to do?

Don’t wait another day. Take action today and see tomorrow rise to a new level. Be the best you can be.