Day #079: Extraordinary Lessons


We’ve all been there: you’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, or you’d have preferred not to get up at all. The day just seems to drag on and making it through a difficult day is often a matter of willpower. What is willpower, though, and how can you improve it?

Willpower is, for our purposes, a combination of forward-thinking, positivity and a mindfulness of the future.It’s an understanding that problems are transitory, and maintaining the right attitude is essential. – Ali Lawrence

Willpower also requires a strong yet determined attitude. If you have already given up by thinking you cannot do it. How will you ever expect to stretch yourself, if you can’t even stretch your mind, or believe it without seeing it.

Have a little faith in yourself!

Having a purpose within your life will bring you happiness, motivation, and direction!.

Not 100% what is your passion to pursue?

Think about these 6 Prompts:

  1. Think About What You Loved To Do As A Child
  2. Take Notice Of How You Spend Your Free Time
  3. Don’t Think There Is Only One Life Purpose For You
  4. Ask Your Friends For Advice
  5. Start A List And Get Busy
  6. Know That You Are Already Living A Form Of Your Life Purpose

3 Willpower Wonders:

  1. Take Actions Towards Your Dreams And Never Give Up
  2. Dare To Dream Big And Be Extraordinary
  3. Taking Action Regardless – Plot Your Progress Toward Your Goals

Willpower is essential to the accomplishment of anything worthwhile. – Brian Tracy