Day #080: A Glimpse. Look and Find

Take a moment today to envision yourself at the end of your goal. Take a glimpse at what you are working towards.

How did your glimpse look? Describe it:

  • What is it you are doing?
  • What can you do?
  • What is new?
  • How do you feel?

Think about the achievements you potentially received.

Visualize these and then apply them as bouncing boards to inspire you to greater things.

A small task you can do to facilitate with your journey to your goal, is to write down the goals or the dream you have then work backwards.

List all the things that would have needed to happen in order for you to get there.

Of course your wont know everything, but an outlined or high level guide will go a long way. But where you can add detail, do so.

See what you can check off in that list, or see what you can actually take action on already, and plan to do so!

“The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and have the faith that it is possible.” – Richard M. DeVos

Must I remind you that the comfort zone is a place to learn. Based on what you know and can do.

However the bubble will soon enough become normal.

In order to grow and challenge yourself, you need to look past the bubble. Don’t just think of goals within this bubble think of something greater.

Think deeper and harder of what and where you want your comfort zone to be. 

Don’t be limited by your comfort zone. – Chris Furlong

If you continue to restrict your goals and dreams to what you are comfortable with, you will always be limited.

Your comfort zone has taken you this long to develop and create – why would you want to stay there, when you can expand this even more.

The bigger the bubble the bigger the splash.

I guess what you want to ask yourself is: 

How big of a splash do you want to make?

If you are struggling to:

  • envision your dreams and goals
  • create a list working backwards from your dreams and goals
  • having trouble locking down a passion, dream or goal

We would love to help and work with you and support you in working closer to achieve these goals, identifying the dreams or even expanding that comfort zone.

Don’t waste another day – take action today with or without us.